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Who can you most relate with?

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Abel20 I think I can relate to Ally and Bree the most

Katie Cota Ally...

Samantha It's like if you combined all the characters personalities together, then I would relate to that.

Lucy I think I really relate to Bree the most. I want to be like Ally, but I am more like Bree.

ambiekraftsreads I think I most relate to Ally!

Saki3 more Ally and Jack

Melissa I believe I am a combination of Ally and Jack.

Elena I can most relate to Ally and Jack.

Cameron Bree. She makes sense. The others were weird.

Nicole Ashley Jack and Ally

Grace Oxenreider Jack and Ally. I like to sit in the back of the class and draw and be alone, but at the same time people meet me and fall in love with my 'charming personality', and I'm kinda spacey at times.

Natasha Definitely most w/ Ally, a little bit with Jack, but not so much with Bree.

Tana Lovegood of Dumbledore's Army✞~ Rogers/America Ally. A bit of Jack with the low self esteem thing... Also partly Bree with trying to be perfect and wanting things to go your way(as selfish as spoiled as that seems its true)

Jawairia Ally i love staying in the stars at night.

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I would say, personally Ally. Because she is the only one I really can relate too in any way, shape or form.

****Kelly***** Ally. I don't relate to anyone else!!!

Jawairia I really love jacks character but i would mostly relate to ally.

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