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Info about Prefects and Head Girls and Boys

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A prefect at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a student who has been given extra authority and responsibilities by the Head of House and Headmaster or headmistress. One male and one female student are chosen from each house in their fifth year to act as prefects, and would continue to be prefects in their sixth and seventh years until they leave school. Thus, there are approximately six prefects per house, and twenty-four prefects in the whole school at one time. The Head Boy and Head Girl may be chosen from among this number and may not be replaced, but, like with James Potter, the Head Boy or Girl does not have to be a prefect.

-Head Boy
-Head Girl

Headquarters: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Intentions: Help regulate their fellow students' behaviours

-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Enemies: Misbehaved students


Prefects are allowed to take House points away from other students in their own house as a penalty for rule-breaking, but they are not allowed to take points from other prefects or students in other houses. Prefects can give detentions as a form of punishment.

Prefects patrol the corridors of the Hogwarts Express on the way to school and attend a meeting in a special prefects' carriage where they are instructed by the Head Boy and Girl. They also patrol hallways to ensure that other students are not breaking curfew. There is a bathroom with a large, pool-like bath on the fifth floor of Hogwarts Castle that is reserved for prefects and Quidditch captains. It is located at the fifth door to the left of the statue of Boris the Bewildered. The password to this bathroom is "pine fresh".

Prefects have other responsibilities as student leaders. They show the first years the way to their dormitories on their first day of school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and supervise the decorating of the castle for Christmas (and presumably other events as well). They also watch the younger students when bad weather keeps them indoors over break times.

Once a student becomes a prefect, they have a better chance of becoming Head Boy or Head Girl; however, a student is not required to earn the former honour in order to earn the latter.

Prefects are given a badge; the colours are the colours of the prefect's House and/or silver. They are supposed to wear the badge on their school uniform. The badge would have the letter "P" on it while the Head Boy's badge would have "Head Boy" on it, and the Head Girl's with "Head Girl". If the prefect is on his or her house Quidditch team, he or she would not be required to wear the prefect badge on their Quidditch robes.

If the prefects cross a certain point of abusing their powers, they might have their position revoked.

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Head Boy or Head Girl

A Head Boy or Head Girl is a seventh year student who has authority over prefects at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Each year, both a Head Boy and a Head Girl are selected by the current Headmaster of Hogwarts. The pair of students are instructed to do many duties that help the school, as they lead both the prefects and, in many cases, the entire student body.


At the beginning of the school year, the Headmaster appoints new prefects, as well as one Head Boy and one Head Girl from all of the seventh-year students. These students are chosen because of their fantastic academic work, outstanding reputation as a student, and an honest, good, and hard-working personality. On the Hogwarts Express, the Head Boy or Head Girl has to go through all of the information that is needed to be a Prefect and inform them accordingly. It should be noted that being a Prefect is not a required prequisite to being appointed a Head Boy or Head Girl.


One of the duties known of the Head Boy and Head Girl is to instruct the Prefects of their duties on the Hogwarts Express (usually in a compartment chosen for prefects to ride in). On the train ride, the Head Boy and Girl can be seen telling the prefects the times they will need to patrol the train. They also have special responsibilities whenever required.


The trophy room contains a list of Head Boys and Head Girls. The Head Boy and Head Girl are in charge of the prefects and should be an example to the other students. Head Boys and Girls also have the special privilege of being able to use the prefects' bathroom.

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A contest is held here. To vote on who shall become Prefects and who will become a Head Boy/Girl

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