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Clary, oh Clary.
What do you guys think of our little heroine of these books? I have heard many different opinions about her both good and bad.
~On the pro's, I love how no matter how hard things seem to be and no matter what obstacles she faces, it seems like her main priority is to keep the one's she loves safe. She will do anything for them.
~On the con's, I do have to admit there have been a few times where the decisions she made have been a bit... irrational in my opinion which in turn leaves me frustrated.
Another thing is I think this girl has been through so much since she entered the shadowhunter world and I really don't know how she deals. Other heroines in other stories I've read { Katniss in Mockingjay after prim...; Tris in Insurgent } at some point have a breakdown and after FIVE BOOKS she is still staying strong. You go Clary, but it would make complete sense if in CoHF she had some sort of emotional breakdown and I honestly really want Cassandra to write that to see how it goes down. So...
This went longer than I thought, what do you guys think about Clary?

Is she good? Is she great? She'll blow your mind and seal your fate!

Lolz I love rhyming.

Yeah, Clary's cool-io, but I have to agree with you that sometimes her decisions are irrational. But, with that aside, she is courageous, loving, trusting, determined and keeps her heart and head in the right place. She stands up for what she believes in. (Go girl!)

And, sorry if this makes me sound sound like a noob, but what does OTP stand for?


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*~*~~*~reading~**~till~**~forever*~~*~* OTP means "only tears and pain". It's kind of a Tumblr term :-) ...more
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Well, i think she is freaking awesome!

Yes, there may have been times when she wasn't thinking clearly or made every wrong decision possible, but still.

She refuses to give up no matter was is taken from her and what she has to lose by even trying to do things differently, she doesn't give up on the people that mean something to her and she is prepared to rish everything just to save the ones she loves.

Her courage and determination have been obvious since the very beginning, but there is also love and trust in her heart.

In my opinion she is the one that keeps things from falling apart, even if this means losing herself in the process. She stood up to her brother, she fought her father and she refused to obey the Council who have their heads up their... well yeah you get the idea :-)

I could go on and on but this is pretty big already so there you go, that's my opinion.

But maybe i should also mention that Clary and Jace are one of my favorite OTPs and i will go down with this ship :D

I havent thought of that before Tessa

I never liked Clary, in the first book her attitude with; everybody is against me and Simon, got old really fast. Everybody seems the think the girl is perfect and she never gets confronted on her stupid behaviour, yeah twice in book 3 but after 1 minute they apologize! Their was no need for an apology, they were right! And in the last book she lost all my respect, first when she went to Sebastian and Jace & stayed their because she couldn't handle to be more then 5 minutes apart from Jace - boo-freakin-hoo - and the second time when she didn't let Jace do the right thing. She choose her own happiness over stopping sebastian's evil master plan, & she wouldn't even be happy because the Jace she knew was gone and it didn't look like he was coming back. So what was the point!?
I think she is very vain, egocentric, never learns from her mistakes and never sees the bigger picture, like I said, with her it's always me me me.

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