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Rossy THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I FELT LIKE! it felt like everything was wayyyy to rushed. I especially hated how katniss basically flat out admitted that she hates her kids and that the only reason that she had them was cuz peeta made her have them. i just hated that whole book overall cuz everything was just so... not what it should have been, you know?

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~Cassie~ None of the characters that survived that book will ever be 'completely back to normal.' The events taking place in this trilogy changed its world and its people forever. As for your question as to whether or not Peeta feels like he has to love her, I believe he had no such feeling. I believe he loved her whole-heartedly. But I do feel the ending was extremely rushed. It was climax, and then resolution. There was no falling action.

Carlitha I agree, the ending was rushed and it was sad to see that Katniss was still unhappy. I know she went through a lot of trauma from the games but Peeta did too (he got hijacked) and is still able to move forward and be happy..

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Tina J Disagree.
He loved her before....he just needed to find himself again. He knows he loves her, he only doubts himself because he got hijacked.

And Katniss doesn't 'hate' her kids.
I've spoken to many mothers who've said... I love my kids, I just wish I would've waited.
It's the same thing.
There's a reason Katniss didn't want kids.....that DOESN'T mean that she hates them!!!

As a mother to 3 children myself, I know exactly how it is!

Rachel I agree that there is no doubt Peeta loves Katniss and always has. It's part of his natural being. I disagree that Peeta felt he 'had to' love her. He realised she wasn't the person that the capitol had brainwashed into his memory.

I don't think Katniss was unhappy but more that she had a troubled mind which had been infected with horrible memories and tragedies.

I feel the ending was the best outcome that could have occurred from such a mess. I think Katniss' words can sometimes be misunderstood and when she says that it took Peeta 10/15 years to convince her to have children doesn't necessarily mean that she just gave in and did it only for him but that it took her that long to realise things were different in Panem and it would be safe for children now. I don't think she hates them by any means.

Grlpwr00 Well in my opinion, i didn't think that he loved her becasue he was told i thought he loved her because he did all his life. Like in the cave (in book and movie)) when he was talking about the assembly, how could you remember something like that if you didn't care or when he tossed her the bread again why would a person do something like that if they didn't CARE.

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Sarah I disagree,i think petta always loved Katniss,he was just confused and couldn`t see what is real and what isn`t but i think at the end he was almost normal at least with his feelings for her.Also i don`t think katniss(Hated) her children,she just was so afraid that they would have to go through what their parents went through and of course that she would frightens them if she told them about all what happened in this world bt of course she did loved her children and she said how happy she was when she hold her daughter for the first time

Jeni How much longer should Katniss have waited to have kids? It took them 10 years to get there! Besides, she didn't want kids so they wouldn't have to be in the Games. By the time they settled down together, there were no more games. It's illogical to my mind.

Also, I said this somewhere else, but I don't think Peeta ever loved her. I read the entire series (four times!) thinking he was playing up the star-crossed lover thing for sponsors. I never felt he showed any love for her. Sympathy? Yes. He saw a starving girl and tossed her some burned bread out of sympathy and played up the crush to increase his chances in the arena. Love? Nah.

They settled for each other because there was a level of understanding they could both support in one another.

No hate, just my opinion!

Rossy ik, but she says that she doesn't want to have them because she feels like they're in a graveyard. i don't know how to explain it... it's almost as if she knows that there aren't any games, but there is still some sort of thing lingering from them that makes her scared to have children.

i somewhat agree with jeni on their love. i don't agree that he never loved her, but i think that a lot of that love was destroyed in mockingjay when they made him hate her. i also think that if they each had more options and it was a normal world, then they probably wouldn't have ended up together. chance paired them up in the games, and they grew to understand each other, but they never really chose each other, and if it hadn't been for the games, they would have never gotten together...

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