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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Speciosus unlocked the door with a key around her neck.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Are you a professional, then? You know, judging by your crowd of screaming photographers?" Abel smiled.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Yes. I hate screaming" she muttered as she closed the door and locked it. She tossed the key on a small table by the door.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments Holy sh- hold on, does cursing bother you? And nice house," Abel said. He was staring around, trying to take it all in.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "No, cursing does not bother me. I am not a ten year old" she sighed. She pulled off his sweater and handed it to him. She checked her watch "fuck" she murmured. "Alright, I have got to get to the gym. You want to come?"

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Uh, yeah, but I refuse to do any excercise," Abel said. "Lead the way."

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Speciosus walked down a few halls until she came to a room with a boxing ring in it and a large collection of punching bags hanging from the ceiling on the other side of the room. Her father stood up when she walked in "where have you been?" he asked, not yet noticing Abel. Speciosus shrugged "I got ambushed by photographers, I am only a few minutes late" she reasoned. Her father nodded and pointed to the changing room. Speciosus walked into the dressing room and closed the door. Her father finally noticed him "who are you?"

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments Abel extended his hand to shake. "Abel Smith."

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Her father shook his hand "why are you here?" he asked. Speciosus came out of the dressing room in training shorts and a baggy t-shirt. She pulled herself in the ring where her trainer was waiting. Her father impatiently watched as she gloved up. Once she had her punching gloves on she began practicing punches, her trainer holding up hand held punching bags for her to hit. With each punch she knocked the trainers arm back. Her father returned his attention to Abel.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Well I helped Speciosus out of a little pickle with some, uh, photographers. She offered for me to come over and I had nothing better to do, so..." Abel gulped, not sure what to make of him.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Her father nodded, looking back at her every few minutes. Soon her trainer gloved up himself and she worked on blocks and punches. She moved quickly around the ring, easily dodging his punches as she used her own. She knocked him down several times. After she had him pinned for the fifth time she climbed out of the ring. She walked up to her father "can I be done for the day?" she asked. Her father mulled it over "you can finish it tonight" he muttered, going to talk with her trainer. Speciosus smiled and turned to Abel "want to see my room?"

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Sure," Abel said. "So is it like this all the time? The training, that is. I sure hope you don't bring strangers home too often." Abel winked at Speciosus

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Nope, in fact I never have anyone over. Guess I never had reason" Speciosus shrugged. She walked up the stairs to her room, kicking the door open with her foot. She sat down on the red and black bed and layed back. "Well, at least I get a week off training for the new matches."

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments Abel pulled her jacket from his pocket and set it on her dresser. "Mind if I take a seat?" Abel motioned to the bed.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Go ahead" she winced as she sat up. She moved off the bed and grabbed a thin stack of clothes from a chair and went into the bathroom, changing in under a minute. She came out in cargo pants and a t-shirt.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Uhh, am I allowed to smoke in here?" Abel asked. "Sorry, nasty habit."

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Sure" Speciosus said as she opened a large window. She sat back down on the bed "I would shower but if he is going to make me train again later then there really is not point, sorry if I smell like sweat."

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Oh, thanks, and no problem. Trust me, I know how it is, just one long string of shit to do. That basically sums up my entire life," Abel said. He sat on the window sill to smoke.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Speciosus nodded "I think that sums up almost everyone's lives" she gave a short laugh.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Well, maybe not the hoity toity types you see going around, you know, the ones who haven't had to work for anything in their lives." Abel gave Speciosus a grimace.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Well, yeah. Anyone who has everything they want without fighting for it get too self obsessed" she stretched out on her bed.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Sometimes people fight with all they got, and don't have shit to show for it." Abel stubbed his smoke and found a comfortable way to relax in the window.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Yep" she agreed, staring up at the ceiling.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "So how long have you been fighting?" Abel asked.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Since I was seven, I think. It was my way of coping and now it is what I do I guess. What about you? any hobbies?" she asked, turning on her side so she could see him.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments Uh, nothing productive really. Smoking and-- nevermind," Abel said. He looked away, towards outside.

((Where is the general location of the thorn house??))

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) ((On the coast near the point where the concrete meets the beach))

"And?" Speciosus asked. Now he had gotten her curious.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments ((K just wondering :) ))

"It is nothing. Although I do enjoy to draw and write." He kept looking away, hoping Speciosus would drop it.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "So you like art" she smiled. "Come on, I want to show you something."

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments Very intrigued, Abel followed.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Speciosus led him down a few sets of stairs into a small room full of art supplies "ta da" she said, gesturing to the room.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Oh my, this is incredible! These are quality supplies. Do you partake in any art?" Abel smiled.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Just as a hobby, I don't do it as a profession. I am to bust with everything else" she said as she looked around the room. It had been a few months since she even had time to come down here.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "God, this is amazing!" Abel smiled again at Speciosus.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Yeah, it is" she agreed. She realized how much she missed this place. She rummaged through a drawer in the desk, searching for her sketch pad.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Is that your sketch pad?"Abel asked, noticing what she was doing.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) She nodded, pulling it out. She hopped up on one of the stools and began flipping through it.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments Abel sat down and gave her some space.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Speciosus flipped through the entire sketch pad "well, i really should get down here more" she thought aloud. "So, if you want to use any of this you can."

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Oh, uh, thanks, but no thanks... Sorry, but I don't take hand-outs. No hard feelings," Abel said. Although he did pick up an unused pad.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "It isn't a hand out. At least one of us should get some use out of this place. I don't exactly have the time" Speciosus shrugged.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Eh-" Abel didn't really know what to say. He had never been in the same kind of situation, people rarely gifted him such amazing things. "Thank you Speciosus."

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Speciosus nodded "no problem. It seems like most large houses are wasted when they remain so empty."

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "So other than training, fighting, and apparently drawing, what do you do?"

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "Nothing really. I train, compete and draw in my spare time. I don't exactly lead an exciting life" she shrugged.

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Crazy. Maybe it is just me being an idiot, but I would have thought that you would be out on the town and such," Abel said. He leaned back in his chair.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) "I am totally a people person, once you take away the people. Then I do fine, otherwise I just sort of freeze."

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 107 comments "Ha, I feel you there. I spend most of my time at home, or looking for jobs."

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