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Jessica | 230 comments Mod
Who's reading this book in January? Is this a re-read or your first time? Why are you reading it, just because Connie said to?

Jessica | 230 comments Mod
I consider this a re-read for me, but it's actually the first time I'm "reading" it. I listened to the audible in early 2012 and it's now one of my favorite books ever! I can't wait to start. And yes, Connie made me read it the first time, now I do it because Rothfuss writes too slow and I need something to do til the third book comes out.

Heather (luvmy4brats) | 4 comments I'll be rereading it as well.Connie said I have to and I don't want her ad at me if I don't. I will probably read part and listen to part.

Jessica | 230 comments Mod
Heather wrote: "I'll be rereading it as well.Connie said I have to and I don't want her ad at me if I don't. I will probably read part and listen to part."

The things we do for Connie ;)

Patricia (pg4003) | 72 comments Mod
This is funny! I already posted about this in the January challenge thread, but I'll post here too. I listened to this on audio the first time, and I admit, I only attempted it because Connie told me to! I was apprehensive because it's not my usual genre of book, but I'm SO glad I tried it. And some people (should we mention Connie's name again?) say I need to READ it, not LISTEN to it. But honestly, I'm really excited to read it, it's such a beautiful story and I do want to savor it and enjoy every word.

message 6: by Paula (new) - added it

Paula Humphrey | 3 comments I am going to give it a shot - I need to find out about the doll I'm making..... hahahahaaaa!!!!

Patricia (pg4003) | 72 comments Mod
Yay Paula!

Connie Rea (connie_rea) | 28 comments what da............................All I said was I needed to re read it to get back in touch with what makes me me.....not my fault you all couldn't stand it and had to join me!!!!!!!!! at 30% in, I am really enjoying the storytelling just as much as I ever have....

message 9: by Teresa (last edited Jan 04, 2013 06:40AM) (new)

Teresa Crawford (tsplace) | 20 comments Okay I wasn't going to read this, not that I'm a rebel or anything, only because I have so many on my tbr list. But then, I went on over to the books info on Goodreads, read the about, sounded interesting, but figured no bigger - it's a book I am can read later for sure, maybe when the 3rd comes out so I can read them all in a row, but..... then I read Patrick Rothfuss author page and I fell in love with him - so now it's a must read!!!! (sorry Connie, I can't give you credit on this one)

Connie Rea (connie_rea) | 28 comments please don't! I don't know how this all happened! But I am excited so many are reading this.....and excited you are too, Teresa!

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