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message 1: by Andrea, 18 years old (last edited Jan 08, 2013 06:47AM) (new)

Andrea (andreaah) | 9 comments Mod
Who do you think is the hottest, most undeniably attractive book boyfriend?

Okay, so this is how we play. Start off by placing two BBs against each other. For example:

Peeta Mellark vs. Jacob Black.
The next person who posts chooses the one preferred and then places him against another BB. And so on. And a little reasoning is always fun... like maybe a certain vampire is a little too dead or a certain werewolf is too temperamental (;
Have fun guys!!

message 2: by Andrea, 18 years old (last edited Dec 29, 2012 08:21PM) (new)

Andrea (andreaah) | 9 comments Mod
I'll start off for you guys.

Jace Lightwood (Wayland) vs. Adrian Ivashkov

(Is that evil?)

message 3: by Lian, 16 years old (new)

Lian (missdee45) | 79 comments Mod
Dimitri from Vampire Academy.. or Nash from My Soul Take My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1) by Rachel Vincent

message 4: by Reina Marie (new)

Reina Marie (reina-marie) | 3 comments Dimitri <3

Patch Cipriano vs Ky Markham

message 5: by Andrea, 18 years old (new)

Andrea (andreaah) | 9 comments Mod
Sorry guys, maybe I didn't explain it properly. We pick one person from the previous post and place him against another one of your own choosing (:
So that would be:
Patch Cipriano vs. Daniel Grigori

message 6: by Reina Marie (new)

Reina Marie (reina-marie) | 3 comments Oh, ok. uh, like this? :)

Patch Cipriano vs Ian O'Shea

message 7: by Jane (new)

Jane | 4 comments Patch Cipriano vs Daemon Black

message 8: by Shania (new)

Shania Robb | 5 comments Patch Cipriano vs Michael Glass

message 9: by Carissa (new)

Carissa Cain by Louise Rennison or Michael by Meg Cabot?

message 10: by Carissa (new)

Carissa ^Sorry

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