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"Well considering it's only me living here, it's nice." She says and walks over to the bed. Sitting down on the edge, she slips off the heels and look back at him curiously. "Wait, so you live here too?"

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"So where do you stay then? When your not doing meetings?" She stands up and walking over to a wardrobe, pulls out a pair of boxer short pjs and a plain black tank top.

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"Oh," she shrugs and walks into the bathroom. Shutting the door, she slips out of the tight black skirt and shirt. Sera slips on the shorts and tank top before grabbing a brush and running it quickly through her hair. She opens the door and hops up back on the bed. Looking at the ceiling, she turns her head towards him, thinking. "If I took a job with you, would I have to change anything? About my life?" She asks softly and gazes at him.

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Sera giggles before covering her mouth. "I'm sorry but I find it funny that shooting you in the back is against the rules. If someone shoots you in the back then it's kind of your fault for letting them that close." She says and yawns. She looks at him for a moment before frowning. "Have you ever been in love? I would think it would be hard, to be a mobster with drugs and all the violence and have to protect someone you love."

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Sera nodded before sitting up. She pulls back the neatly made covers and slips under them before drumming her fingers along her sheets. "I wouldn't want to. Fall in love that is. It would get to complicated." She rolls over so her bodies facing Damion and looks at him intently as if searching for something. "I kind of want to work for you," she says quietly and looks down at the ground before flicking her gaze up at him. "I do, but I don't know if I can."

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"I don't know, for one I have absolutely no idea how to work a gun," She says matter of fact. "How many people are you currently employing?" Sera looks at him curiosity winning out over her tiredness.

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Sera chuckles and then closes her eyes. "I don't even know you," she whispers and opens her blue eyes gazing at him. "What do you do? Exactly? Deal drugs? Kill people?" A flicker of fear flashes through her eyes before she looks away.

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Sera nods and then looks back up at him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude," she sits up and looks at him. "Can you make it up to your room or do you want to stay here for the night?" She asks rubbing one of her eyes.

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Sera laughs, easing some of her worry and pulls back the covers. She stands up and bending down, holds out her hand. "Yea that seems like a good idea. Took the alcohol long enough to settle in," She says and smiles slightly.

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Sera grins and shrugs, "not a problem, the people below me might complain though." She teases before pulling him to the king sized bed. She sits back on it and smiles slightly. "I haven't had anyone sleep with me since I was like...a baby."

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Sera looks at him before sliding back under the covers. "Well everyone has some problems with their parents." She sighs and lays back down. Closing her eyes Sera sighs softly, " for example, at least yours were alive probably longer than mine were." She mumbles before falling asleep.

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((Ok so this is just an idea but what if his dad or him killed her parents? Totally just radom thought but yea..? Anyways fast forward to morning?))

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Sera was curled up in the covers, her hair was spread across one of the pillows and her breathing was calm and even. She stirs slightly as he wakes up and burrows deeper into the covers for a moment before she opens her large blue eyes.

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Sera smiles, "Thank you, for the compliment and for the night. It's not often I actually sleep with a person. Usually their all horny and what not but what can I say. It's what I was paid for." She smiles a little sadly before slipping out of the bed. "Do you need anything? Aspirin? Coffee?" She asks.

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Sera nods and starts a cup of coffee. She yawns stretching her arms and her tank top comes up exposing her stomach. Turning to Damion she raises an eyebrow. "You want me to come to you for sex?" She asks slightly disbelieving but then again, he had already offered her a job as well as a huge tip at the bar.

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Sera grabs two coffee cups from the cabinet and pulls them down. She pulls the mug out of the coffee machine and pours two cups before setting it back and turning to him. "Wow how sweet, I get my own personal play toy," she says sarcastically and rolls her eyes. Walking back over to him, she hands him a cup and sits back down on the bed. "If he's my mentor then why would he take orders from me to be my toy?" She asks raising an eyebrow.

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Sera smirks slightly before taking a sip of the coffee. "Whatever you say Damion," she says lightly before setting the cup on the stand. "I'm going ot take a shower, you can go nack to your apartment if need be. You probably have a lot of business to attend too." she stands up and turns to him slightly. "It was a pleasure to meet you Damion and I will think about your offer."

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Sera nods and standing up, stretches. She takes both cups and sticks them into the sink. Washing them out, she then walks into the bathroom and shuts the door. Stripping off her clothes, she starts the shower and rubs her eyes before hopping in while it was still slightly cold.

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After her shower, she hops out and wrapping a towel around her body, grabs a simple skirt and a loose fitting tee. Slipping into them, the skirt shows how long her legs are and she nods in approval. Opening her fridge, sighs when she realizes she didn't have any food. Checking her phone, she decides to go out and see if she can find a place she wants to eat at.

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((M'kay sounds cool))

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Sera was just about to leave the room for some much needed food. She looks up as someone knocks on her door and frowns slightly. Shrugging, she walks over to it and with her purse in hand opens it curiously. "Oh, hi can I help you with something?" She asks thinking they might have come to the wrong room or needed help.

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Sera blinks and rolls her eyes, "Yes I'm Sera but I never said I would do his job or that you could take me to lunch. Did you know he gave me like..a freaking $3,000 dollar tip last night for getting him slightly drunk?" She asks and huffs slightly annoyed. "So your Matt? Right?" She turns towards him and smiles looking him up and down before turning her attention back to his face.

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Sera blushes and ducks her head, "Yep your one of Damion's workers." She mutters before sighing, "ok fine, so lunch?" She asks and turning around, lets the door shut behind her before turning back to him. She smiles slightly and then looks at him curiously. "So how long have you been working for him?"

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Sera smiles and walks down to the elevators. She presses the down button before looking over at him. "So what's your specialty? If you don't mind me asking but you have to be pretty good at what you do to stay. Damion has to many people on hand for just anyone to join." She looks back as the elevator door opens and walks in, pressing the lobby button she leans against the railing and turns her attention back to him.

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Sera blushes again and smiles slightly, "I don't think looks is something he can use." She says matter of fact and then looks at the ceiling of the elevator for a second before turning to look at him. "Are you really 19? You look like your at least 24 or 25, not to be rude of course but I was just wondering." She walks out of the elevator as it touches the bottom floor and heads towards the main doors.

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"Huh, well I guess that's good right? You can get into the clubs pretty easily then." She walks out of the hotel and looks over at him. "Where do you want to go eat?" She asks and runs a hand through her hair pushing her bangs out of her face. They sweep right back into her eyes and she pulls a bobby pin out of her purse. Quickly, she pulls her bags back and fastens the bobby pin in place before looking back at Matt.

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Sera bites her lip before grabbing the keys. "Did Damion fill you in on my driving?" She asks and a small smile appears on her face. Her blue eyes brighten as she comes up next to the car and looks at it for a moment before unlocking the car and climbing in. "Man you guys have good cars," she whines slightly and sticks the keys into the ignition.

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Sera looks over at him before she smiles. Turning her attention back to the car, she sticks it in reverse and spins out of the spot. Shifting into drive again, she steps on the gas and speeds out of the parking lot. Cutting off a car, she heads towards the main part of Las Vegas and looks over at him, "So where are we going?" She asks speeding up slightly and passing a car before turning back into the same lane.

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((ok cool))

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Serendipity walks back into her hotel and shuts the door. Walking towards the window, she look down at the parking lot before turning and grabbing a new skirt and a white shirt. She sighs, and pulls her hair up into a messy ponytail before grabbing a water and then heading back down. Checking her phone, she sees she has about 20 minutes to get to the bar and start her shift.

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Sera opens the door and raises an eyebrow. "Are you going to follow me or something?" She asks and walks out of her room letting the door close behind her. Turning towards Matt, she leans against the wall and watches him.

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Sera looks at him before frowning, "yea sure give me your keys." She holds out her hand and looks at him again. "Why did you get drunk? Been that tough of a day following me around?" She asks and straightens off the wall.

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"Oh, I'm sorry Matt." She says softly and shakes her head. "Life's a bitch," Sera heads down to the hallway with the elevators and looks back at him. "I'm here if you need someone to talk too."

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Sera turns to him and nods, she gives him an apologetic look and walks into the elevator. "What do you know so far about your mom's condition?" She watches him intently before looking away.

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Sera frowns sadly, "Oh I'm sorry." She says and walking over, rubs his shoulder reassuringly. "Where you close to her?"

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"Do you still see much of her? Now that your working for Damion and all?" Sera pulls back her hand and leans against the rail of the elevator. She sighs slightly and looks at the door before turning back to Matt.

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Sera nods, "well it's still nice. You should ask Damion for some time off or something to go see her.."

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Sera smiles and walks out of the elevator as it opens. "Tough choice, how about you go to New York and I can hang here until you get back?" She smiles and looks around before turning her attention back to him.

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Sera shakes her head, "I could try and talk to him if you wanted." She suggests and looks at him. "You need to go take care of your mom, at least while she's still with you." Sera smiles a little sadly.

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Sera brushes his comment off. "Oh don't bother, I don't know if i even want too." She says softly. "You can probably just go," she smiles and shrugs. "Spend the time with your mom."

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Sera nods, "I'll take care of it. You go, call me ot text me when you leave ok?" She looks up at him and smiles slightly.

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Sera laughs before nodding, she adds her number before sending a quick text to get his. "Ok come on let's get you home," she says and walks towards her car.

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Sera grins nodding, "oh I don't know if your going to get your car back." She teases before starting it and backing out of the parking lot. She turns onto the street heading for his hotel and flicks her gaze over at him.

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Sera laughs and then pulls into his hotel parking lot. "Come on," she opens her door and pulls out the keys before walking around to the other side of the car.

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((To your topic for Matt, I can post there))

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