One Shot (Jack Reacher, #9) One Shot question

movie vs. book
Karen Karen Dec 29, 2012 05:57PM
Has anybody else seen the movie? What did you think about Tom Cruise's portrayal of Jack?

The movie was waaaaaaaaay better omg

I went in biased against the movie because of Cruise, but overall, it wasn't bad. Would I have liked a more "Reacher-like" actor? Yes. Absolutely. But the Reacher character in the movie worked okay for Cruise, because yes, they changed him.

I was very skeptical on Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher - much less Hollywood doing Lee Child's works any justice. But I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and if you can forget that Cruise is about a foot less taller than Reacher in the books - he does a very good job. The movie itself was a great representation of the book, and although not spot on (which is terribly difficult with a book that includes as much detail as One Shot), it had the basic plot lines nailed and the key "scenes" on target.

I personally thought Tom Cruise did a great job with the role.

Tom Cruise as Reacher did not bother me. It was great to see Lee Child in a cameo role,but so much of the book was missing and book like this with so much detail is probably hard to include. Howeve,whole characters were missing changing the storyline.

I think Tom managed to capture Reacher's character -but, I have to say size does matter.

The movie was very entertaining. But I must say Tom Cruise just did not have that Reacher persona that is so well done in the books. I believe Russell Crowe would have been better when comparing his roles in L.A. Confidential and Gladiator. He is not that much taller than Cruise but he dominates the screen in a much more threatening way.

That is my hesitation in seeing it, I love the books but certainly don't agree with who is playing Reacher... Tom Cruise?? too bad he bought the rights.

The decision was Cruise's as he bought the rights to make the movie.

I also am reluctant to see the movie because I can't imagine Tom Cruise playing Reacher. I suppose people who haven't read the books will be more able to enjoy the movie.

Did Cruise buy the rights to just one Reacher book or more than one? My friend who introduced me to these books is going nuts thinking about Tom Cruise playing Reacher in a number of films.

Tom Cruise did not fit the image that is in the stories. will not see the movie. But will read the books

I have not seen the movie, and will not. The thought of Tom Cruise playing Reacher is insane! Very poor decision on someone's part.

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