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Judy's Books in 2013

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Judy | 49 comments I read over 200 books last year. I hope that I can read an additional 200 this year.

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Judy | 49 comments 1. The Good News from North Haven--Michael Lindvall
2. Winter Journal--Paul Auster
3. And Four to Go--Rex Stout
4. Life Itself--Roger Ebert
5. Acceptable Loss--Anne Perry
6. Mrs. Kennedy and Me--Clint Hill
7. The Christmas Cantata--Mark Schweizer
8. Emily, Alone--Stewart O'Nan
9. Mrs. McGinty's Dead--Agatha Christie
10. Homer's Odyssey--Gwen Cooper
11. The Portable Curmudgeon--Jon Winokur
12. Eeny, Meeny Murder Mo--Rex Stout
13. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore--Robin Sloan
14. Wicked Plants--Amy Stewart
15. Crash Diet--Jill McCorkle
16. This Won't Kill You--Rex Stout
17. Disobedince--Naomi Alderman
18. The Distinguished Guest--Sue Miller
19. Bootlegger's Daughter--Margaret Maron
20. The Worst Hard Time--Timothy Egan
21. The Face of a Stranger--Anne Perry
22. The Oath--Jeffrey Toobin
23. The American Cookbook--Carol Fisher
24. And Then There Were None--Agatha Christie
25. The Truth About Santa--Gregory Mone

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Judy | 49 comments 26. The Vanderbilt Women--Clarice Stasz
27. Tell the Wolves I'm Home--Carol Rifka Brunt
28. A Morbid Taste for Bones--Ellis Peters
29. Milk Glass Moon--Adriana Trigiani
30. Speaking From Among the Bones--Alan Bradley
31. "I" is for Innocent--Sue Grafton
32. McNally's Puzzle--Lawrence Sanders
33. Funerals are Fatal--Agatha Christie
34. The Mysterious Mr. Quin--Agatha Christie
35. The End of Your Life Book Club--Will Schwalbe
36. Sleep of the Unjust--E.X. Ferrars
37. Paris: A Love Story--Kati Marton
38. The House at Riverton--Kate Morton
39. American Dervish--Ayad Akhtar
40. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings--Maya Angelou
41. Mrs. Queen Takes the Train--William Kuhn
42. The 2,548 Wittiest Things Anybody Ever Said--Robert Byrne
43. First Among Sequels--Jasper Fforde
44. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal--William E. Leuchtenburg
45. Sparkling Cyanide--Agatha Christie
46. Help Thanks Wow--Anne Lamott
47. Holy Disorders--Edmund Crispin
48. The Treble Wore Trouble--Mark Schweizer
49. Masked Ball at Broxley Manor--Rhys Bowen
50. The Zimmermann Telegram--Barbara Tuchman

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Judy | 49 comments 51. Confederates in the Attic--Tony Horwitz
52. Teacher Man--Frank McCourt
53. Yes, Chef--Marcus Samuelsson
54. A Fatal Winter--G.M. Malliet
55. The Murder of the Century--Paul Collins
56. P is for Peril--Sue Grafton
57. Let's Pretend This Never Happened--Jenny Lawson
58. Search the Dark--Charles Todd
59. The Hermit of Eyton Forest--Ellis Peters
60. My Mother Was Nuts--Penny Marshall
61. The Joy Luck Club--Amy Tan
62. Eleanor: The Years Alone--Joseph Lash
63. The Beekeeper's Apprentice--Laurie R. King
64. Beautiful Ruins--Jess Walter
65. Name Dropping: From FDR On--John Kenneth Galbraith
66. Dutch--Edmund Morris
67. Garment of Shadows--Laurie R. King
68. Gideon's Trumpet--Anthony Lewis
69. Distory--Robert Schnakenberg
70. Object Lessons--Anna Quindlen
71. Father Melancholy's Daughter--Gail Godwin
72. So Many Books, So Little Time--Sara Nelson
73. Quartet in Autumn--Barbara Pym
74. The Family Man--Elinor Lipman
75. The Cemetery Yew--Cynthia Riggs

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Judy | 49 comments 76. Wish You Were Here--Stewart O'Nan
77. Queen Victoria's Granddaughters--Christina Croft
78. Snowballs and Scotch Mist--Andrea Frazer
79. Death of Yesterday--M.C. Beaton
80. I Want My MTV--Craig Marks
81. The Pleasure of My Company--Steve Martin
82. The President's House--Margaret Truman
83. The Ayton Swans--Alison Greaves
84. Love and Hate in Jamestown--David A. Price
85. All Over But the Shoutin'--Rick Bragg
86. The Pull of the Moon--Elizabeth Berg
87. Rumpole and the Angel of Death--John Mortimer
88. The River King--Alice Hoffman
89. Proof of Guilt--Charles Todd
90. Creatures of Habit--Jill McCorkle
91. Who Killed Bianca?--Emma Darcy
92. Vet in the Vestry--Alexander Cameron
93. The Testament of Mary--Colm Toibin
94. Coolidge--Amity Shlaes
95. My Latest Grievance--Elinor Lipman
96. Watching the Dark--Peter Robinson
97. The Twelve Tribes of Hattie--Ayana Mathias
98. Dumb Witness--Agatha Christie
99. Death of a Celebrity--M.C. Beaton
100. The Right Words at the Right Time--Marlo Thomas

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Judy | 49 comments 101. The Burgess Boys--Elizabeth Strout
102. The Family Vault--Charlotte MacLeod
103. The Last Girls--Lee Smith
104. The Clocks--Agatha Christie
105. Treason at Lisson Grove--Anne Perry
106. Peter the Great--Robert K. Massie
107. High Tide in Tucson--Barbara Kingsolver
108. Last Night at the Ritz--Elizabeth Savage
109. The Innocence of Father Brown--G.K. Chesterton
110. Elsewhere--Richard Russo
111. The Difficult Saint--Sharan Newman
112. Assholes: A Theory--Aaron James
113. The View From Penthouse B--Elinor Lipman
114. A Lesson Before Dying--Ernest Gaines
115. Death of a Cad--M.C. Beaton
116. The Astronaut Wives Club--Lily Koppel
117. Keeper of the Keys--Perri O'Shaughnessy
118. The Bean Trees-Barbara Kingsolver
119. Storm Track--Margaret Maron
120. 1185 Park Avenue--Anne Roiphe
121. Listening Woman--Tony Hillerman
122. The Buzzard's Table--Margaret Maron
123. The Importance of Being Seven--Alexander McCall Smith
124. Z--Threse Anne Fowler
125. Never Change--Elizabeth Berg

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Judy | 49 comments 126. Common Sense--Thomas Paine
127. The Picture of Dorian Gray--Oscar Wilde
128. A Pocket full of Rye--Agatha Christie
129. Hello Goodbye Hello--Craig Brown
130. The Story of Us--Leah Stewart
131. Argo--Antonio Mendez
132. Call the Midwife--Jennifer Worth
133. Mom & Me & Mom--Maya Angelou
134. Inferno--Dan Brown
135. Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls--David Sedaris
136. The Ghostway--Tony Hillerman
137. Landscape Turned Red--Stephen W. Sears
138. The Once and Future King--T.H. White
139. The Dark Wind--Tony Hillerman
140. Pigs in Heaven--Barbara Kingsolver
141. Serving Victoria--Kate Hubbard
142. How I Slept His Way to the Middle--Kevin Pollak
143. Third Girl--Agatha Christie
144. Midnight at Marble Arch--Anne Perry
145. The Supremes at Ear's All-You-Can-Eat--Edward Kelsey Moore
146. Standup Guys--John DeBillis
147. A Christmas Homecoming--Anne Perry
148. Bunker Hill--Nathaniel Philbrick
149. The Last Word--Lisa Lutz
150. Corelli's Mandolin--Louis de Bernieres

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Judy | 49 comments /151. Long Time Leaving--Ray Blount, Jr.
152. Crooked House--Agatha Christie
153. Going Clear--Lawrence Wright
154. Endless Night--Agatha Christie
155. The Petticoat Affair--John F. Marszalek
156. The Casual Vacancy--J.K. Rowling
157. The Gladstone Bag--Charlotte MacLeod
158. The Life of Elizabeth I--Alison Weir
159. Sky Woman Falling--Kirk Mitchell
160. Dead, White, and Blue--Carolyn Hart
161. A Week in Winter--Maeve Binchy
162. Something Borrowed, Something Dead--M.C. Beaton
163. Christmas Crumble--M. C. Beaton
164. Tapestry of Fortunes--Elizabeth Berg
165. The Drunken Botanist--Amy Stewart
166. Heirs and Graces--Rhys Bowen
167. The Alpine Xanadu--Mary Daheim
168. The Great Decision--Cliff Sloan/David McKean
169. People of Darkness--Tony Hillerman
170. A Christmas Garland--Anne Perry
171. Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules--David Sedaris
172. True Believers--Joe Queenan
173. The Fly on the Wall--Tony Hillerman
174. 1861: The Civil War Awakening--Adam Goodheart
175. Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener--M.C. Beaton

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Judy | 49 comments 176. 1920: The Years of the Six Presidents--David Pietrusza
177. The Cuckoo's Calling--Robert Galbraith
178. Vienna 1814--David King
179. Shadows on the Coast of Maine--Lea Wait
180. Dad is Fat--Jim Gaffigan
181. The Entertainer--Margaret Talbot
182. What Would MacGyver Do?--Brendan Vaughan
183. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt--Edmund Morris
184. Theodore Rex--Edmund Morris
185. Ten Days That Shook the World--John Reed
186. The Reason I Jump--Naoki Higashida
187. The Logic of International Relations--Walter S. Jones
188. Politics Among Nations--Hans J. Morganthau
189. Boy--Roald Dahl
190. Winterdance--Gary Paulsen
191. Wait Till Next Year--Doris Kearns Goodwin
192. Bird by Bird--Anne Lamott
193. Murder on the Orient Express--Agatha Christie
194. Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories--Agatha Christie
195. A Christmas Carol--Charles Dickins
196. A Christmas Journey--Anne Perry
197. A Christmas Visitor--Anne Perry
198. Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley--M.C. Beaton
199. Death of an Outsider--M.C.
200. Les Miserables--Victor Hugo

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