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Rainy walked into the village, It's so beautiful, she thought to herself as she walked around. Beautiful like diamonds in the sky.
She laughed at her own little jokes in her thoughts, she wasn't a very funny person, but she still laughed.
She wondered how Piper was doing, would she tell Rainy the info she got? Rainy had no idea, whatsoever.
She walked through the village, taking in the beauty, Rainy really popped with her brightly colored outfit, the town was so brown.

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Rainy saw Piper and ran over to her. "Sooooooooo, what did he say? From the look on your face I think you appreciate and think of him as a good friend,I need deets."

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Rainy nodded. "Cool, so what is he? Why can he hold his breath?" Rainy smiled. "Odd. Is. Good."

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