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is it worth reading this series ?

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fabby have heard good things of the first books but very bad reviews for the 3 and 4 im not sure if i should read # 5

Lígia Bellini i loved the series!!! the story is very creative!!! ^^ and the end was really cool!! Shannon, didnt disappoint me!! ^^
give it a try! ^^

Erika Hébert I read the first book and didn't think it was bad but not anything special either. You know that he's a werewolf the whole time. And then what's the big surprise at the end? He's a werewolf! Gasp! I just thought that was kind of dumb.

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Lígia Bellini Its complicated to talk abt worth or not worth to read a book, bec everyone has ur own personal thoughts abt the story. The thing is: give it a try! Maybe she'll enjoy or not! I enjoyed it! I liked the fact tht the werewolves were creation of russians! ^^ And read those series, reminded me a little bit of the tv show Roswell!

fabby i watched roswell i love that show and i will read the next book at least to find out the ending

Lígia Bellini i also loved Roswell!!! ^^
and all tht concern they had abt the government and also scientist find out abt them.. i feel the same thing reading the Rusakovas story! ^^

fabby the lux series its just like Roswell almost in everything have you read it Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Lígia Bellini ohh cool! i didnt know abt the lux series! i'll check abt them!! thank you!!! ^^

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Samantha NO!!!!! DO NOT GET STUCK IN THIS SERIES LIKE I DID!! I for some reason had thought it was only a trilogy so I read the first one and I though well it wasn't great but I'll give the second a shot and of course after that one I started on the 'last' one but that's when I found out there were more! I forced myself to just read the others because I was already to far into the series to just leave, no matter how much it drove me crazy lol It's terrible book that showed a lot of promise at first but then too many story lines got introduced and the character were annoying too especially the lead and things were just... horrible...

*I recommend getting the first book from the library and decided for yourself though if you have an interest

Brittany I actually really like this series, although I haven't read the third yet. I got the book just haven't gotten to it yet.

fabby I Lost interest after the 3rd book

Linda YES!! I just loved these books, I just ordered the #5 I cant waite to get. You will love them.

Ashley I really like this series. If you like some romance, some action, and paranormal creatures then you will enjoy this series

Annie Omg! This is one of my favorite series ever! It has everything anyone could need in a young adult book.

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Jen i agree the first two books were good, but lost my interest in the later books.

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