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How do you think 50 Shades Compares to the Original Version Called Master of the Universe I & II?
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I read the Master of the Universe series as fan fiction over a year ago and wondered what those of you that read and loved the original fiction thought of the "new" revised versions released as the 50 Shades Trilogy.

I personally think the story lost a lot in the translation.

I believe many of the complaints readers have had are due to inexplicable characteristics and behaviors of the characters due to their origin in Twilight Fan Fiction. It was fun when you knew the play on the characters, quotes, etc. but not so amusing when taken out of context.

Among these weird anomalies are Ana’s extreme naivety and lack of sexual experience along with her passivity, lack of confidence, and extreme clumsiness (Aka 17 year old Bella); and Christian’s “unnaturally” (AKA ancient 17 year old vampire Edward) good looks, youth, and extreme wealth.

I also think the change in “Jake” to "Jose" really made him a much less appealing romantic rival. Changing him from Native American to Hispanic and then throwing in a few poorly written Spanish phrases failed in “translation” as there is no appropriate back ground story provided.

As a Fan Fiction, Master of the Universe was amazing and I was thrilled to have others discover this work and to be able to share my love of the story with others (also happy for the author!).

But I also think it is a shame it couldn’t be published in it’s original form OR that more time could not have been taken to make a better “translation”.

I also miss some of the Outtakes that were done for fan charity fund raising efforts (Aka “Edward gets Bella Back” and “First Sighting” and more). They really added to the story. It was a revelation to read thoughts from Christian (aka Edward) point of view.

It made me personally love the character even more to know why he behaved the way he did and how his thoughts ranged the 50 shades and more about the why of his need to be Master of his Universe and her’s. Knowing his dreams and his internal thoughts added clarity to some otherwise inexplicable behaviors on his part.

I have had no one to discuss this topic with for one to two years now, as none my “adult” friends read Twilight or Fan Fiction, so I have been literally suffering with the need to share my love of this fiction and to discuss it with other adults.

PLEASE share your thoughts!!
Thank you.

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Who wrote Master of the Universe?

MaryReadsRomance Master of the Universe was 50 Shades before the name was changed when it was pulled from Fan fiction and published. Same author etc.
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