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Onyxia The Dragon | 116 comments Mod

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Miyuki (miyuki2) | 8 comments Tomoyo walks in and looks around.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments Summer walks in with the sheets and walks up the stairs

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E Evan walked into the inn and looked around he supposed it was a cozy little place.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments Summer looked at him "I'll be with ya in a minute" she went up to the first room and tossed the sheets on the bed, then went down to him. "hello"

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E "Hello" he said trying to sound casual "I would like to get a room" he said

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments "okay, let me tell my Aunt" she went off for a minute and came back. "we have 7 open rooms."

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E "I would like the room that is most secured and away from the rest" he said

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments "okay, follow me" she walked up stair to the attic.

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E Evan followed her and entered the room. "Thank you" he said. He didn't really mean t he was a beast.
((Is she a villager))

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments ((yeah, i need some time to make her))

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E He nodded t her before closing and locking the door

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments ((actually i might make her a beast, idk yet))

she slid the key under the door for him and walked down the stairs to finish her chores.

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E Evan was trying to learn more about the villagers and he was trying to find the ones who killed his family. He had been doing this since he was 5 but with no success. He exited the room.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments she finished her chores and headed for the trees. she walked into the woods and looked around. not seeing anyone she changed into a mouse and crawled out of her clothes, then changed into her favorite form; a lion.

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E Evan watched as she changed form and followed he changed into his phoenix form and flew after her.
(Cont. at Woods?)

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments (k)

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14smithteen16 Death's flying immortal horse, carrying Gordan and, of course, Death, landed unseen outside the inn. Gordan pulled out the hourglass labeled Aaron Goodman. It was almost empty. "Why does he die?" Gordan asked.

THAT IS NOT FOR US TO DECIDE, Death answered in his usual way of talking without speaking. Death entered the inn by passing through the closed door. Gordan opened the door and followed.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments Summer grabbed some sheets and walked to the stairs.

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14smithteen16 Death didn't ever have a problem getting around people, Gordan noticed. Wherever he walked, people just seemed to drift out of the way without noticing. He eyed the black clothes that Death had allowed him to borrow. He looked like he was attending a funeral. With this job, I very well might be, he thought.

Death silently approached the stairs to the second story rooms. WE MUST HURRY, he said to Gordan.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments She started up the stairs. 'Man, this gets so boring' she thought.
She took another step and tripped. She droped the sheets and tried to ballance herself, but slipped on the sheets and rolled down the stairs.

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14smithteen16 ((Is she magical in any way?))

message 23: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 177 comments ((Yup, elemental, but doesn't know how to use her powers))

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14smithteen16 ((Okay, so she can probably see Death and Gordan.))
Death paused a moment as the girl landed at his feet. Death's ever present grin seemed to grow a bit wider for a second, before he stepped over her and continued up the stairs toward the room of Aaron Goodman.

Gordan stopped after Death and bent down to lend Summer a hand. "Are you alright?"

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments "Yeah I'm good" she blushed from embarassement. "Thanks" she righted herself and picket up the sheets. "Do you need a room?"

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14smithteen16 "Uh, not exactly," he muttered. "I'm looking for someone named Goodman?"

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments "oh, he's upstairs. I'll take you to him" she grabbed the sheet from the floor and started up the stairs a little more carefully this time.

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14smithteen16 "Thanks." Gordan wasn't sure she would like what was going to happen next. He followed her up the stairs, and stopped in front of the door to the room. The door was locked, but that never seemed to stop Death. Gordan was sure he was already inside. "Could you open the door for me? It's kind of important."

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments "okay" she pulled out a key and unlocked the door opening it for him.

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14smithteen16 Gordan entered without a word. A very old man lay sleeping on the bed, his chest slowly rising and falling. He saw Death standing over the man. Gordan took out the lifetimer hourglass. Only a few seconds remained.

TAKE THIS, Death handed his black scythe, with its blade of shimmering silver, over to Gordan. The blade was as thin as a piece of paper. WHEN THE TIME RUNS OUT, SLICE ACROSS THE NECK. He pointed with a bony finger.

Gordan looked back at Summer. He wasn't sure if she could hear or see Death, but she could see him, and it was hard to miss the hollow look in his eyes.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments she gaped at death "y-you...i-i know you.." she wrung her hands but didn't move.

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14smithteen16 Mr. Goodman's breathing slowed and became irregular. Gordan hefted the scythe. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Gordan Checked the lifetimer, the hourglass with Goodman's name on it. Just a few stubborn grains left. Saying that he was nervous would be like saying that Hell was a little warm. The last grain of sand fell and hit the bottom of the hourglass. Gordan swung the scythe with all his might, cutting across the man's no longer moving neck. Nothing seemed to happen.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments As soon as Gordan swung the scythe Summer lunged forward to stop him arms outstretched. "NOO!"
she looked at the man in astonishment "n-nothing happened.." she grabbed the scythe from Gordan and tossed it across the room and glared at him her heir beginning to lift as though the gravity was turned off and a wind started blowing around them.

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14smithteen16 Gordan was numb. He made no move as Summer took the scythe. Gordan wasn't sure that the blow had connected. It looked like it, but he hadn't felt any resistance. He watched the old man for any hint of movement. There was none. The rising and falling of the man's chest had stopped. Gordan sank to his knees, tears streaking down his face. "Why?"

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments Summer sofened and nelt beside him putting a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "What's wrong? Why were you trying to kill him?"

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14smithteen16 He thought a moment. "I don't know. I'm... Death's apprentice. If you're capable of seeing him, he's over there," Gordan pointed.

GORDAN, Death interrupted. WATCH. As Gordan looked, Mr. Goodman sat up in his bed, looking a bit bewildered. No, not quite. A transparent version of the man sat up, leaving the body behind. It looked at Death.

"Can you see that?!" Gordan asked Summer with excitement.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments She turned and saw the man sit up. She gaped her mouth opening and closing like a fish. "Wh-whats going on?" She whispered gripping Gordans shoulder tightly.

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14smithteen16 IT'S THE MAN'S SOUL, Death explained, half to Gordan, and half to Summer. THE SCYTHE DOESN'T KILL, IT ENSURES THE SOUL'S PASSING. As he spoke, the man slowly stood up, looked at Death, looked back at his body, which was still on the bed, then back to Death.

"Oh," he said simply. "I see." Death patted him on the shoulder as the soul began to fade, and disappeared entirely.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments "Bye Mr. Goodman" she sat on the floor tying to take everything in. "S-so your death?"

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14smithteen16 I AM DEATH, said Death.

"And I'm Gordan," said Gordan. "Nice to meet you," he said in a voice that implied that it was not, considering the circumstances, a good time to meet anyone. "I'm his apprentice, I guess."

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments She jumped up and lunged at Death punching him in the skull and breaking a couple ribs "YOU MONSTER!! YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!!"

message 42: by 14smithteen16 (new)


But Gordan was not letting this go. "Who was your brother?"

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments She punched death again for good measure. "My brothers name was Kalvin. He was 12 when he dissapeared." Her chin trimbled as she held back tears.

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14smithteen16 ((Is Kalvin dead, or just missing? This is something Death would know.))
Gordan tried awkwardly to comfort her, if only to stop her from punching Death himself in the face. "How did he disappear?" asked Gordan, sounding genuinely interested, despite his false comforting.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments ((Missing))
She quit u ching death, but glared at him. "We were playing in the creek 4 years ago. I turned around for a second and when I looked back he was gone"

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14smithteen16 SO YOU ASSUMED HE WAS DEAD, JUST AS YOU ASSUME THAT I KILL THOSE THAT I TAKE. I DO NOT CAUSE DEATH, I AM DEATH, he explained. Gordan merely watched this exchange. Death retrieved the scythe from where it had fallen on the floor. IF YOU DON'T MIND, WE HAVE SOULS TO FERRY.

"Wait, what did happen to her brother?" Gordan asked. Death did not respond.

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments With a gust of wind the door slammed and death was spun to face Summer. "Answer the question!" She clench her fists tightly.

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14smithteen16 I SUSPECT YOU'LL FIND OUT ON YOUR OWN. GORDAN, YOU MAY SPEND SOME TIME WITH HER IF YOU WISH. IT'LL DO YOU SOME GOOD. Death passed through the wooden barrier as if it didn't exist, and disappeared.

"Um..." Gordan muttered. There were no words for a minute. "W-what are you gonna do?"

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Rachelle£ | 177 comments She watched death go not even hearing Gordans question. "What did he mean by 'it'll do you some good?" She turned to look at him.

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14smithteen16 "Who the hell knows?! It's not even my fault I'm his apprentice." Gordan turned a bit red at his outburst. "So where's this creek anyways?" he asked.

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