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Stacey Coolidge's Fancy-Smancy Cursive Handwriting
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rom Mrs. Thompson, the teacher, to Frederick, the class guinea pig, everything about second grade seems good to Carolyn. But when the class starts practicing the slants and curves of cursive writing, she finds it difficult and her happiness evaporates. Detailing her frustrations and contrasting her struggles with a classmate s easy success, this picture book reflects experiences familiar to many young students. Carolyn s sympathetic teacher puts things in perspective, telling her that when it comes to writing, ideas and emotions are much more important than slants and curves. Designed to encourage children, books in the Adventures of Everyday Geniuses series tell stories of students who struggle in some respects, while excelling in others. Bright with colorful washes, the cartoonlike drawings clearly express the characters emotions. Given the pressure to introduce cursive writing to younger students, this picture book will resonate with a growing number of children. Carolyn Phelan --BOOKLIST American Library Association

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Currently 3.99 through Amazon. 6/17

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