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Javaid Miah my first rankin book. not impressed and didn't read all of it. he started writing complicated then changed half way through. not interesting story-wise. this was not a good start for me. i am regretting buying 15 of his books because if all of them are like this, well i will be sad that i wasted all my money.

Donna So sorry to hear that. I love Ian Rankin. Can't get enough of his John Rebus character. So glad Rankin has brought him out of retirement. I would suggest, however, beginning with the earliest novels because the characters really do evolve from there.

Gerry I was very reluctant to read my first Rankin book about 12 years ago, because I "don't like detective stories." I fell in love with his writing immediately. Doors Open is one of his few novels that doesn't feature John Rebus and his police colleagues.

It's still a detective novel in its own way, and I enjoyed it tremendously, but I agree with Donna that you might have to go back and read the Rebus books chronologically because Rankin's style may be a bit of an acquired taste.

Olivia "So many books--so little time."" I started reading, but didn't finish Doors Open. I just couldn't get into it--the plot didn't hold my interest.

Mysticpt i have read all the Rebus (and Fox) books, and really enjoyed this standalone Doors Open. i remember it being a breezy heist story that kept my attention for what it was. good page turner and introduction for others to Rankin. not as gritty and dreary as some of the Rebus books are (tho i love that about them) sorry you did not enjoy

Kenneth If the crime and the investigation is the only important thing, don't read Rankin's Books. If you want fast paced stories featuring people with superhuman qualities, don't read Rankin's books.

Do read Rankin's books if you want to get inside a character, get absorbed in his life to the extent when even a leaking radiator plays a part.

Open Doors had two basic flaws for me. 1) Paintings take a lot longer to dry sufficiently to make the caper viable. 2) A computer geek may be too shy and withdrawn to ask out the girl of his dreams. But our hero shows that he is not the shy introvert.

That said I still enjoyed it.

Bookthesp1 A relatively weak Rankin by his own standards- Rebus books are far superior- especially his breakthrough book Black and Blue. Doors Open is Rankin Lite....

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