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message 1: by Steve (last edited Dec 29, 2012 01:21PM) (new)

Steve Thomas | 198 comments Everyone needs more lists this time of year. Let's talk about our favorite reads of 2012.

For indie novels, my favorite read was The Dark Lord's Handbook. Probably because it was a book close to my own heart--a parody of classic fantasy tropes, featuring an up-and-coming Dark Lord struggling to make a name for himself in the cruelest manner possible. It reminded me a lot of the Overlord videogames, in a good way.

On the trad-pub side (so I can name two books), 2012 was the year of my Brandon Sanderson binge. He's a great author, and Robert Jordan basically dropped the largest existing fantasy fanbase in his lap. Very lucky guy, and very deserving. Mistborn: The Final Empire, the first book in the Mistborn Trilogy was an outstanding read about a world where the Dark Lord has reigned for a thousand years. Very interesting and well-defined magic system along with great characterization.

What were your favorites this year?

message 2: by Thaddeus (new)

Thaddeus White | 631 comments Mod
Just one?

I must admit I've only read about 3 independent books. I'd probably go for Spellmonger by Terry Mancour.

On the other side, I'd go for Joe Abercrombie's Red Country for fantasy and The Early History of Rome by Livy for history.

Your post reminds me, actually, I've read book 1 of Mistborn but not the later ones.

message 3: by Mia (new)

Mia Darien (mia_darien) | 425 comments I think my favorite indie was "Prophecy of the Most Beautiful" and "Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise" by Diantha Jones. I think "Red Country" will be once I've read it but I am SO excited about it that I'm waiting till in a better headspace to read it, lol.

I've read so many books this year, though, it's hard to remember all of them without checking my list. :)

message 4: by Walter (last edited Dec 30, 2012 11:56AM) (new)

Walter Spence (walterspence) I must admit I've only read about 3 independent books. I'd probably go for Spellmonger by Terry Mancour.

I'll pass that along to him. Terry's brother Chet Mancour is married to my favorite cousin, Jennifer. Don't get to see him all that often, but we do swap the occasional email and catch up with one another via Chet.

I've read very little of the indie offerings, primarily because I only became aware of that market this year when I finished my own novel, decided to self-publish it (partly based on Terry's own experiences), and started climbing the learning curve. If only I'd remembered to bring a walking stick with me . . .

With that in mind, I would throw Spellmonger in for best indie I've read this year, but since I haven't quite reached the end, will have to hold off until I do.

*Editing to include a traditional book. Hard to pick just one, but if I had to, it would be Carlos Ruiz Zafón's The Shadow of the Wind.

message 5: by Steph (new)

Steph Bennion (stephbennion) | 178 comments My favourite indie this year was Marlowe and the Spacewoman by Ian Dudley, a silly but thoroughly-enjoyable sci-fi detective story, which in my review I compared to Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat books. To date, this is the only indie book I've read more than once, which must say something.

The best non-indie book I read was Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, which to my shame I've waited far too long to seek out and read. I loved the ideas around computer viruses affecting the minds of hackers, the spiritual themes and the grim future setting. The whole book reads like a frantic action movie.

message 6: by Thaddeus (new)

Thaddeus White | 631 comments Mod
It's a small world, Walter!

Actually, I did an interview with Terry Mancour, which includes an exclusive excerpt from his next novel (Magelord). That, and some other interviews, can be found here:

I've only read one Stainless Steel Rat book, but quite liked it. I'll try and remember to give Marlowe and the Spacewoman a look, although my reading list is reaching proportions of comedic enormity.

message 7: by Christian (new)

Christian W. (cwallers) | 42 comments I read a couple of indie books last year. My favorite was Day Soldiers by Brandon Hale. Vampires & werewolves at war with the human race. Nicely written.

My favorite non-indie was a new (to me) series that my sister hooked me on: Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara West.

I am going to add all the previously mentioned books to my to-read list as they all sound interesting.

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