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City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
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1/13 - City of Bones > Chapters 16-20 - City of Bones

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** Discussion questions for this section will be posted on January 15 **

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Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
Everyone returns to the Institute all bloody and bruised and of course Hodge is furious. While Clary leaves the infirmary after visiting Simon, Alec stops her and tells her that she needs to leave the Institute because she is making Jace take dangerous risks that could cost him his life. She retaliates by bringing to the light that Alec is just jealous because he is in love with Jace and can't stand the attention on someone else. This makes Alec threaten to kill Clary if she says anything like that again. For the rest of the day she spends her time drawing and spending time with Simon until Jace decides to take her on a late-night picnic.
During the picnic, which we find out is for Clary's birthday, Jace gives her a witchlight stone and they watch the flowers bloom at midnight. He also ends up giving her a nice little birthday kiss. The kiss continues when he drops her off at her bedroom and of course, Simon opens the door and views the whole thing. They fight in her room after Jace leaves and Simon admits to Clary that he's been in love with her for ten years and that his mom said she would break his heart. After he leaves Clary stays in her room feeling punished for her own selfishness and begins drawing some runes in her sketch book.
Panning over to Jace we get his point of view on his thoughts on Clary and the kiss when lo and behold Clary comes burstin through his door. She reveals that she knows where the Mortal Cup is, it's hidden inside a painting--the painting of the Ace of Cups that Jocelyn painted on Madame Dorthea's Tarot cards. Jace gets everyone ready and Clary awkwardly calls Simon for a ride. When they get there Clary convinces Madame Dorthea to let her look through the cards until she finds the Ace of Cups then she traces the runes on the back with Jace's stele. Clary reaches into the card and pulls out the cup and the card turns to ashes.
Madame Dorthea tries to grab the cup but Clary pulls away in time but then she goes to the Portal and releases this demonic energy whitch turns her into this bone exposed monster. It identifies itself as Abbandon the demon of the Abyss. Things are looking pretty bad for the Shadowhunters during this fight until Simon shows up and uses the bow and arrow left in the van to shoot out the skylight in the apartment and desintigrate the demon with light. They head back to the Institute to try to fix Alec's injuries. When Clary reveals to Hodge that they have retrieved the cup, he sics his raven on Clary to retrieve the cup. When he does, Valentine appears and makes off with it and Jace.
As Valentine leaves, Hodge traps Clary in an invisible box so she can't do anything and he tries to convince her to leave the Institute because she hasn't been raised here. Hodge leaves her but she follows shortly behind after escaping with Jace's stele. While trapping him in an ally, Clary demands to know where Valentine took Jace. Hodge attacks her but she is saved by a werewolf who collects her as she is trying to make a break for it. When the werewolf drags her back to his lair she realizes that it's Luke and some other werewolves Gretel and Alaric in their human form. They tell her a bit about what's going on from his side of the story.

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Discussion Questions
1. If you could pull any object out of a famous painting, what would it be?

2. Alec is gay. Why do you think it is so hard for him to admit that to the people who are closest to him (Jace..Hodge...etc)? Why are the opinion of the Clave on this subject so outdated?

3. Do you think Clary really loved Simon all along or just began to realize since he said something?

Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
Reserved just in case ;)

Kayla (kaylawrites89) 1. I wouldn't pull anything out of any painting in history. I know that sounds strange, but I honestly wouldn't want anything. First I thought the most previous jewels in the world, but that's a bit greedy.... The people maybe, but then that would be mean because well, they're being pulled out of time and thrown into a world they don't know. So, nothing. :)

2. I think it's hard for Alec because he doesn't want to be rejected and looked at with disgust. Alec so desperately wants to be a shadowhunter that he's afraid if he comes out, he won't be able to be one because he'll be banished.

3. I think Clary thinks she loves Simon. I think she wants to make things more than they are with him because with how effed up her life had become, having something normal will help her keep her sanity, so she's getting into something to try to have a bit of normalcy.

Becky (rrrjtl) | 81 comments 1. I don't think I would pull anything out of a historical painting. That would simply ruin it. If I could pull something out of a painting/drawing I could always have someone paint what I wanted then just pull it out of that.

2. I think there are different reasons why Alec can't tell the people he's close to that he's gay. He can't tell Jace because he's afraid, if Jace knew how Alec felt about him, he would lose what he has with him. Better to be close to him as a friend than not be close to him at all. With the others, there is the fear of being banished and losing everything he has ever known. As for why the Clave has such outdated views, I can't even begin to guess. Perhaps it's the thought of "continuing the lne" so to speak. They don't want to make more Shadowhunters using the Mortal Cup, so they have to depend on Shadowhunters to create them the old-fashioned way :) And a gay Shadowhunter means less future Shadowhunters.

3. I think Clary does love Simon. She just didn't realize she did. When someone is always there, you don't always realize how deep your feelings really are. But I can't imagine she was so jealous of Isabelle simply because he was her friend.

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