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City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
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** Discussion questions for this section will be posted on January 10 **

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Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod

Jace and Clary head back to her appartment to search for clues or anything that might have been left behind. The apartment is bare and they are attacked by this large troll-looking things which leaves them tired and injured. Jace heals his broken arm and tells Clary that the troll-man was called a Forsaken. Someone who had too many runes carved into them or someone who couldn't handle having a rune carved in the first place. Clary's psycho neighbor Madame Dorthea enters and knows a lot more than anyone would have expected her to know.
While feeding Jace and Clary, Madame Dorthea reads their tea leaves. She can't see anything in Clary's but in Jace's she sees "violence and love with the wrong person." She breaks out her Tarot cards (hand painted by Clary's mother) and has Clary pick. She ends up picking the Ace of Cups. Dorthea starts telling Clary about her mother's past (including the fact that she is an ex-Shadowhunter and that her apartment is a hideaway from Valentine) Clary finds a portal and without thinking, touches the doorknob and is gone.
The portal is designed to send you to the place you're thinking of, since Clary wasn't thinking of any place, she is transported to the last place the portal sent someone, Luke's house. Jace follows Clary over the fence where they find Simon hiding in the bushes. Apparently he's been keeping an eye on Luke after he finds him packing a duffle bag full of weapons. They enter the house and fill in Simon with what's been going on. Inside the bookshop which doubles as Luke's apartment they find blood manacles hanging from the ceiling. While searching further they get interrupted and hide behind a screen and listen into the conversation. Enter two men along with Luke named Blackwell and Pangborn trying to get information out of Luke about the Mortal Cup.
Clary and Jace take Simon back to the Institute. While he's drooling over Isabella, the other two go look for Hodge. Jace tells him what has happened and Hodge leads them to the library where we find out about the Circle and learn that Hodge was a part of it. The Circle was lead by Valentine and was a plan to wipe out all demons and downworldrs. Clary also gets the big news that her mother was a part of this "cult" as well as Valentine's wife.
Hodge tells the two that he is bound by a curse to the Institute because he didn't leave the Circle before the Uprising. To help stop this, Hodge needs some of Clary's old memories that are lost to her. He brings up the Silent Brothers who will be able to read her mind. The next day, she meets Brother Jeremiah who tries to lift her memory block but is unable to. To lift the block, she must travel to Bone City and present herself to the brotherhood. She travels with Jace into what is called Silent City, and it looks like a graveyard. Once she arrives, she heads into a room where all the Silent Brothers are at a table and she opens her mind to them. In her mind she sees the words MAGNUS BANE.

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Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
Discussion Questions

1. Would you allow the Silent Brothers to look into your mind? Would that change if you were in Clary's situation?

2. Who (or what) do you think set the block on Clary's mind?

3. Who is Magnus Bane? A Shadowhunter? A Forbidden?

4. At this point in the book, how has your opinion of Clary changed? Or has it changed?

5. Going back to Chapter 1-5 questions when I asked your favorite character, has it changed?

6. It's hinted at that Clary's mother, Jocelyn, wanted to leave the Shadowhunter world behind. If this is true, why do you think she chose to live so close to Dorthea?

Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
Reserved just in case ;)

Becky (rrrjtl) | 81 comments 1. I'm not sure I would allow the Silent Brothers to look in my mind, unless I were in a situation like Clary's or some other VERY important reason came up.

2. I'm fairly certain it was Magnus Bane who set the block. I'm looking forward to finding out why or what he was blocking.

3. As for WHO Magnus is...hard to say. I don't think he is or was a Shadowhunter, simply by the Brothers reaction. I think there is something deeper there.

4. My opinion of Clary hasn't really changed much. She does seem a bit more naive, yet she is a very mentally and emotionally strong young woman. Not many her age, or older even, could cope with everything that has been dropped on her all at once.

5. My favorite characters are still Jace and Simon. Now not only do I enjoy them individually, but I really enjoy the jealousy that sparks between them over Clary. I think that makes them seem a bit more real.

6. I think she probably lived so close to Dorothea in order to better protect Clary and keep her away from the Shadowhunter world, and to have a way to escape should the need arise. Unfortunately, when the need arose she wasn't able to take advantage of it, or just didn't consider it to be a viable option.

I'm on Chapter 12 now. This is definitely a better read than I figured it would be. My 16 year old son loves this series, and we don't usually see eye to eye on books. However, I can't wait to see how this turns out!

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