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City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
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Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
** Discussion Questions for this section will be posted after a week of reading (Jan 7) to give everyone time to start the book **

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Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod


So basically we meet Clary who is the main character. Her and her friend Simon are at the Pandemonium club where trouble arises. This mysterious guy with blue hair is lured into a closet by people only Clary can see. Clary follows and the blue-haired boy is killed right before her eyes.
When she gets home her mom and "uncle" drops the bomb on her that they will be moving away from the summer and she'll have to give up her summer art lessons. Clary storms out with Simon to go to their friend Eric's poetry reading.
At the poetry reading, Clary sees Jace, one of the blue-haired boys murderers. She approaches him and he gives her a rundown on Shadowhunters just as her cell phone rings. It's her mom telling her not to come home and then the line cuts dead. Worried, Clary runs home to find her mom.
Once Clary gets home she can't find her mom anywhere and their apartment is trashed. The apartment isn't completely empty though, there is this scary demon-looking thing that comes after Clary. Covered in the creature's acidic drool, Clary gets knocked unconscious later waking up to find Jace looking over her and the demon killed. Jace puts a rune over her so she can't be seen and takes her away.
Three days later she wakes up and meets Isabel, one of the blue-haired boys killers and she and Jace show her around The Institute. There are arguments about letting a "mundie" into the Institute but Jace stands up for Clary. Meanwhile Clary's mom is nowhere to be found.

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Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod

Discussion Questions

1. What do you think about Clary's character? Do you think of her as brave or naive? (Particularly when she followed the blue-haired boy into the closet)

2. Obviously "Uncle" knows something? Do you think he's the "bad guy" or he just knows what's going on? Why is he keeping it from Clary? Do you think her mom knows, or as she kept just as much in the dark?

3. Do you have a favorite character at this point in the book? Why is he/she your favorite?

Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
Reserved just in case ;)

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Kayla (kaylawrites89) 1. In the beginning, I found Clary to be a bit stupid. I mean seriously, if you're following people only YOU can see into a closet well a) there's something wrong with you and b) there ain't no way in hell someone would be THAT dumb and follow people into a closet. -.- just asking for serious serial killer moments.

2. I don't remember who "uncle" is. Unless its that guy that's been doing that thing for Clary's mom. Hehe (gotta love how vague I am)

3. I don't really have a favorite character, but one that comes close would be Simon. I love that Simon is kind of the nerdy best friend, yet he's a sweetheart and deserves more than he gets, plus I adore him. (I was absolutely hooked on this book from the first chapter. I think it's an awesome series and totally worth the read. (That, plus I'm really excited for the movie. I mean omg, have you SEEN the guy who plays Simon. So sexy. I used to watch him in a show called Misfits, funny, sexy Irish man. *fangirling here*))

Becky (rrrjtl) | 81 comments 1. I don't know that I would say Clary is "naive" but honestly, if it had been me, and I was the only person who could see these people, you couldn't pay me to follow them into a closet. I'm with Kayla, just asking for horrible deadly things to happen!

2. I think Uncle probably knows what's going on but is afraid now that both Clary and her mother have been attacked. I think he is afraid if he says anything he'll be in danger as well. And her mother definitely knows what's going on. Why else would she have been so desperate to get away?

3. Favorite would probably be a toss-up between Simon and Jace. I love the nerdy best friend and it' SO obvious he has feelings for Clary. I do think she was a bit naive to not see that. Jace seems like a genuinely nice guy at this point as well. He seems to really care for Clary and wants to keep her safe.

Katie Gianelli (katie094) | 236 comments Mod
I agree Becky. I'm having a hard time choosing if I like jace or Simon more. Simon seems genuinely sweet and caring but jace is this sort of bad-ass butt kicking cool kid.

I'm loving this book so far!

Vikki Ok, I finally got to start reading this book tonight and I'm on chapter 6 as of now.

1. I think Clary is your typical teenage girl who is to interested in herself to really pay to close attention to anything of "importance." I think I missed something and may have to go back and review but I don't think she knew she was the only one to see them when she followed them into the closet. Once she was in the closet is when she realized it...wasn't it? haha...this is what I get for reading while at work with interruptions.

2. It's clear Luke knows something and that's why he was so angry at Jocelyn for not telling Clary anything. I'm not sure why he would have been so closed off to her when she called him...unless there were people with him that were looking for her, or maybe they tapped his phone or something like that.

3. Favortie character so far...don't really have one yet. Although...I do believe I can guess who her long lost daddy is right now...which also explains why she was able to see "them."

Cute story so far...looking forward to a day off so I can get down to it and finish it. Hahaha.

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