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Avril of Themyscira Batman perched on the roof.

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Redhood clung tightly to the back of a large van as it rolled through a checkpoint outside the warehouse.

Avril of Themyscira Batman dropped down behind the man, reaching around and pulverizing his cigarette.

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Redhood dashed into the guard house. Planting a mine on the underbelly of the van and then stabbing the thug inside.

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He flinched when he heard gunfire. Ducking down.

Avril of Themyscira Batman disappeared on the roof, throwing down a smoke pellet as he took out several with batarangs

Avril of Themyscira Batman silently slammed the heads of two together, grappling away.

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Redhood watched the shadowy figure and cursed "why now, of all times..."

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Redhood used the distraction to slip into the building. Slitting the neck of a preoccupied goon.

Avril of Themyscira Batman cursed, taking one out silently and retreating into darkness before doing the same to another

Avril of Themyscira After he finished with the snipers, he followed red hoods entrance silently.

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Jason's thick armor protected him from most of the knife, but the tip caused a terrible pain in his side. He spun around breaking the guards neck with his elbow. he grappled up onto a large crate flattening himself to the metal surface.

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Jason pulled out a silenced pistol with a scope. He began shooting out the lights. Plunging the large building into darkness.

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Jason dropped to the ground next to a thug wearing goggles and used a camera flash to blind him, before quickly snapping his neck and darting back into the shadows.

Avril of Themyscira Bruce knocked the out, dating toward red hood

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Redhood saw a blur heading towards him, he swung under a banister and dropped into a boiler room, full of steam and large machines. He slapped a mine onto a large pressurized tank and darted off.

Avril of Themyscira Batman followed on his heels swiftly. "Red Hood! What are you doing here?"he said

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Redhood ignored Batman and scaled a large boiler. reaching the top he grappled up into an office type area. detonating the mine behind him and releasing several tons of scalding water and steam into the lower levels of the warehouse.

Avril of Themyscira Batman slammed against a wall, healing after him as the water sloshed against his boots

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redhood pelted past filing cabinets and desks, leaping through a small window he landed on top of a grunt. shooting him twice in the chest, Jason kept running, reaching a set of stairs he paused and reloaded his gun. muttering "why the Fuck did Batman have to get involved?"

Avril of Themyscira Realizing he was getting nowhere, he swept out of a window to wait for him.

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glancing around Redhood relaxed slightly and began his assent. heading towards what he hoped was the control room.

Avril of Themyscira (bman is waiting for you at the apartment)
Two thugs guarding the door fired shots at him.

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((good deal)) Redhood slipped by the bullets, and wall ran to them, throwing one into the other he brutally shoved them against the wall, then fired a shot straight through one into the other. breaking down the door he entered the small cramped room. he walked to the safe and placed a mine on the combination, the small explosion blew apart the lock, allowing Redhood to grab the suitcase of cash and an identical brief case of exotic weaponry. he quickly made his way out and onto the roof then, fastening the cases his back, swung out over the chaotic scene and onto an adjacent building.

Avril of Themyscira Seven men ran out screaming as a sniper on the roof shot him in the chest.

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Jason thudded into the the ground, being pulled along by the grappling gun in the gauntlet on his wrist, he could feel the bullet lodged in his chest armor, no penetration the, but as he bounced along the roof he could tell that several ribs were broken.

Avril of Themyscira The thugs yelled obscenities after him as he left

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Avril of Themyscira (already posted :) cue the music!!)

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Jason slid stealthily along the ground heading for the gapping warehouse door, red flickering through his vision. His muscles were tensed and every sense was on high alert. His usual arsenal was close at hand. He was angry, but ready for whatever was to come.

Avril of Themyscira (creepy)

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Jason paused behind a tipped over dumpster. He pulled out two revolvers and checked to make sure their chambers were full, he snapped them shut and carrying one in each hand slowly skirted the perimeter of the large ugly building, checking for alternative ways in.

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Jason's eyes narrowed as he searched, finally he found a window with a broken hinge as he carefully began to pry the frame loose. The silence was deafening, blood pounded in his ears in tempo with the red traces of the pit I his vision. But suddenly, just as the widow came free from the wall there was a tremendous crash as the long blade of a wickedly sharp scythe smashed through the window pane. A bloodcurdling scream came for behind Jason, he instinctively dove into the ware house turning to fire at the tall figure behind him, but the bullets tore into straw instead of flesh, and a low laughing began.

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(( I know Damian :P but I want to have a bit more control over the situation. scarecrow is just trying to get a fix not any money, and he will be against everyone equally))

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((Or clay face I imagine, since he doesn't have regular lungs or brain...and Mask will have a bit of a buffer, so will Bane and Redhood, since they all breath through a bit of a filter right? But the scythe and traps should still be rather unpleasant and add to the overall nastiness of the situation. ))

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((Aren't they going to beat up Jason?))

Avril of Themyscira (do it!!!)

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Avril of Themyscira ((Well, just let him escape)

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((What she said))

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((o.o im so confused xD ))

Avril of Themyscira (Ugh. My charrie is getting lonely)

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((Forget this, Jason'll just go back to Wayne Manor and be verging on abusive))

Avril of Themyscira ((Okay!! ^^ *cute lil happy face)

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((No, it is probably my fault, I like to do more structured role playing than you do, I think))

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((Oh, I see))

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Jason stood and looked around warily, this was so wrong, it Had to be a trap, but Charr was right there, what else could he do? "Charr?" He called out softly, gripping a gun tightly in both hands and beginning to walk towards her.

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Jason slid closer "what did they do to you?" He whispered, moving to untie her, just as his fingers reached the knot a burst of gas sprayed from the floor and a large saw blade shot upwards, slicing through the chair and into Charlotte, Jason stumble backwards, crying out.

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Jason stared horrified, blood pounding in his ears as he scrambled backwards along the ground.

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