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Clarisse came up into the dormitory. She glanced at Andrea, smiled in a friendly way, and made her way to her bed. Sitting down on the edge, she looked curiously at Andrea. "Is something wrong?"

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"You sure?" Clarisse asked. "You can tell me if something's bothering you."

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"Alright, if you're sure," Clarisse said doubtfully. She could tell something was wrong, but she was never one to pry. Instead she looked around, remembering why she'd come up here.

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Clarisse looked up and shook her head. "Oh, no, just going to write a quick letter." She picked up her quill and parchment from beside her bed and sat down, the quill held between her teeth as she thought.

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Clarisse looked up when Andrea left, then continued writing. Finally, she rolled up the letter, stuck it in the pocket of her robes, and set off towards the owlery.

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