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Im not going to make little sections like
he dinning room, classes and hallways. Instead I'm posting this. This is the school. You may attended or not attend.
This is just a lot less complex for me so i don't need to add all the little parts of the school. If you have any questions about the set up please ask in the question topic and imm be sure to answer. Have fun and don't get killed...

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Miyako walked threw the train out of the woods to get back to the school. She looked back for a brief seconds and shook her head. How annoying She said to herself. She made her way to the back door without anyone realizing she was there. She opened the door slowly so so it wouldn't make a loud creaking sound. She pulled herself into the building and closed the door behind her. Her hands on the door with her back to the hallway.
"Miyako," A voice came out f no where.
Miyako jumped and turned around and placed her hand on her heart.
"Don't scare me like that Brett!" She shouted.

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jueun (jueunkang) Grace could still feel the soft wind blowing against her hair, pushing it farther as she sighed, entering back to the school. "Gosh you're loud. I could hear you from farther," she said softly appearing, talking to Miyako. Her amazing hearing had heard the shout from farther away when she had entered, following where the shout had come from.

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Brett turned his head over and looked over at Grace, his eyebrow rose slightly. "I guess I'll be going now, see you around Miyako, try and stay out of trouble, if that's even possible," he winked and walked past Grace and down the Hallway.

Miyako reached out her hand for Brett to home back. "Ehh. I can't believe he just left me, he knows that I don't like talking to people" she said to herself. She moved her head over so she was now facing Grace. "Sorry Grace," she said to her and put her hands on her hips like she had no idea how interact with her.

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jueun (jueunkang) Grace looked past Brett before listening herself to Miyako. Her mood was a light bit of happy today, although something might upset her, causing her mood swings. "It's okay. Obviously my hearing is just. . ." she said searching for the right word. "Insane. But it comes really helpful at times." she nodded cheerfully.

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Miyako raised her eyebrow slightly "insane?" She asked with her hip arched out and with her hand resting on it. "We'll ill see you around Grace?" She said he name like she was asking if she got her name right.

Brett turned his head back putting his attention back on Grace and Miyako. He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

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Violent Vi (violetk) Zayna entered the school, looking left and right. Her eyes were a light purple, she was happy but scared. She pulled out a water bottle and took a sip. She tried to get every drop in her mouth, but a stray drop of water dripped off her chin. "Crap." She murmured, trying to dry the water. Then she was on the floor, a tail where her legs used to be. Her eyes were now a light red, to show frustration. Zayna took a napkin out of her pocket and wiped her chin.

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