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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim Botting | 2 comments Do you ever choose a bad book? Nine 3-star ratings and no 2-star or 1-star ratings from over 100 books read. Impressive! I wish I had a track record like that. Maybe I need to do more research before selecting a book to read.

message 2: by Tod (new)

Tod (todbg) | 2 comments Mod
Oh, plenty of them. I haven't actually listed a book in my Goodreads in about five years, so trust me when i say I've read some shit.

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim Botting | 2 comments I didn't realize goodreads had been around anywhere near that long. Keep up the podcasts, I enjoy them while I'm at work.

message 4: by Huge (new)

Huge Thornbirds | 2 comments on my part, i really doesn't care much of the stars. in fact, when i search for a book that is not basing how many stars it gets. i usually pick based on the cover image, maybe about the author, and the style of the story how it is write or deliver to the audience. afterall, i don't read from cover to cover but only scan the part that tickles my mind.

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