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((Roleplay. Remember: NO SPAM.))

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66-3 led the owls closer to the tree. She could see the brilliant lights coming from inside; they looked so welcoming.

Gylfie let out a small gasp of bewilderment. "It's even more than what I dreamed!" she cooed.

66-3 turned to the owl. Gylfie half expected her to tell her to be quiet, but she said, "Wait till you see inside. Even more glorious!"

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The owl carrying Leaf glared at her and continued flying. Suddenly she turned sharply to the right and circled her way down till she got to the entrance perch. She set Leaf down and waited to be greeted.

Gyfie landed beside her, beak open in awe.

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Gylfie's eyes remained wide and her expression didn't change, but she did close her beak. She almost passed out as a big white owl landed a few wing spans in front of them. Beaks was there too. "Poot!" she shrieked. "You're back!"

"And safe," the snowy said. "How was the mission? Did everything go according to plan?"

66-3, or Poot, dipped her beak. "For most part. Ran into trouble vhen us owls left."

"But other than that?"

"All vell. Ve have injured owls." She nudged Leaf. "Zis one moon blinked. But hope not lost. Still be saved."

The snowy nodded and turned to Beaks. "Please fetch our nursing owls to care for this bird." After Beaks left, he turned to Sky. "And what happened to you?"

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Snow glared slightly at the young owlet. "You'll do better to watch your tongue in the future I hope." He turned his attention to Luna. "Greetings. All is well, I presume?"

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He nodded once. "Understood. Meet me in my study at day light."

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"Well," Snow replied a bit more cheerfully. "Let's go inside and get warm. The nest snakes will bring you milkberry tea and some warmed mouse. Best thing after a long journey, mouse." He turned to Gylfie, who was almost hyperventilating. "Come, young owl. The Tree awaits your visit."

Gylfie's breath quickened and she fell over backwards, blacking out completely.

Poot rolled her eyes to the sky and went to find Azul.

Snow's eyes were wide with disbelieve!

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His eyes were still a little wide when he nodded.

Gylfie remained out.

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Snow snapped out of it and stood straight, Gylfie still lying on the floor. "And who might you be?" he asked king-like.

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"You're not sure..." Snow mused. "Well, perhaps one here will give you a name. But for now, let us go inside and out of the cold. The snow will start soon, the first snow of the season." He gazed up at the sky before looking down at Gylfie, who was still out.

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Snow followed the new owls in.

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"Um...hi. I just arrived to this great tree. I'm not sure what to do or where to go." a small owl said softly.

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Gylfie was awake now and had decided to take a first black flight. She loved the feeling of the wind in her wings...

As she soared above the tree, Gylfie looked below her. The tree was alive and light poured from the hallows. A small owl stood at the entrance- Wait. What was the owl doing? It looked lost. Gylie slowly desceanded to the tree's entrance and landed a few wing spans away from the owl. "And who might you be?" She asked kindly. "Are you lost?"

Maybe this owl had traveled from the search and rescue sqwad and couldn't find its way back.

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"Um...I am Silvermist. I just arrived here and well I am not sure where to go. You parents died and my siblings abandoned me. I remembered stories about this tree and I dicided to come and follow it. Please don't send me back out there." she pointed outside.

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Gylfie's eyes widened a little. "You came all this way by yourself?" The tree was hard to find most nights, with all the storms and clouds hiding it. Gylfie was stunned.

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"Well I did have some help from other animals....and I did have a companion. He died though." Silvermist looked away tears burning though her small beady eyes. "He was a true friend." she said softly

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((What kind of owl is she?))

Gylfie looked at her sympathetically. She reached out her wings and gave the owl a squeeze. "Come on. I'm new here too, and don't know where much is, but I do know where the kitchens are. You could use some milkberry tea, I think.

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((opps sry. She is a Barn Owl.WHat about Gylifie?))

Silvermist looked at her gratefully. "Thank you so much. I can use something to drink"

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((Ashy faced))

Gyflie smiled and led the new barn owl to the dining hallow.

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Silvermist looked on to the many owls in the room.They were all laughing, eating and enjoying themselves. They were all in harmony. For the first time in a long time Silvermist grinned."Wow. This place is....amazing." she said

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"Here. Sit here and I'll go get you tea."

((Continued in the Dining Hallow))

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