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Johnny's protective dissociative episodes

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message 1: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Kimpel Having had experience with dissociative episodes in young children in my practice as a child psychiatrist I was engrossed in seeing the power of a protective mind. I know dissociation is a two edged sword since they can come uninvited but for little Johnny they were powerful in his survival!

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Lee Carlisle I have seen a child who had been misused by a stepdad in porn and was rescued by the police and then came to live with her father. Under stress she became a tiger in her kindergarten class which was confusing to her teacher and students. Through trauma-focused cognitive behavorial therapy she was able to draw about her experiences and make a "narrative" by dictating to me her thoughts and feels about the events from her perspective and the Tiger slowly did not come out any longer and by the end of first grade she was out of treatment and fully part of her class and social life of school.

message 3: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Kimpel Folks, Both of these are my comments! Somw one else must have some thoughts. Join in the discussion.

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