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Simon (Highwayman) (highwayman) | 4698 comments If you look at the christmas book giveaway website here :

You will see I have put ten book covers up. When you click a cover it comes up with the blurb and an Amazon link for the book.

So, the christmas giveaway is about to end and I will be taking the site down.

However, I was wondering if I could use it to provide an ever changing list of ten books, offered free, that could be downloaded direct from the site.

Is it something authors would be interested in and would other members be interested in being able to go and have a look at the site from time to time to grab a freebee?

message 2: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25061 comments I'd be interested to see a site of our own - I assume sales made here will go through the group store? I really can't be bothered to follow all the freebie sites and threads as a rule but it we have some of our own, with our own authors notifying us of their free offers - I'm in there!

Simon (Highwayman) (highwayman) | 4698 comments I was only really thinking of doing it for free books. Any sort of payment system outside Amazon is a pain.... I'm not sure what I was proposing really now I think about it.

I suppose I should tidy up the group store as well.

Michael Cargill Cargill (michaelcargill) | 2997 comments Yeah, I'd be up for boshing a book or two of mine on there.

message 5: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25061 comments Aha of course! No need if they're free! So how would it differ from the "Today's freebie" thread. More work for you too.

message 6: by Stuart (last edited Dec 29, 2012 07:06AM) (new)

Stuart Ayris (stuayris) | 2666 comments I feel the whole FREE book scenario (KDP Select) can only end in Amazon's favour and entices some authors into a desperately unseemly clutching at straws exercise but I can see how readers can benefit. Being both a reader and an author I'm pretty neutral about there being a Free Download thing on the site!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

It could be an advantage to some authors who would like to increase their readership and get some reviews. If there is a big take up of this idea I will be selective about what I download personally, make sure that it is something that I would really want to read and will try my best to write a review afterwards.

Desley (Cat fosterer) (booktigger) | 11038 comments Ignite wrote: "Aha of course! No need if they're free! So how would it differ from the "Today's freebie" thread. More work for you too."

I think it would be better as it would be just our authors, and as it would be mainly restricted to us, the authors would have a better chance of reviews.

I like the idea, just can't guarantee I'll remember to check another website

message 9: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25061 comments Did you mean offering them free here while they were still at normal price from Amazon? Will they find you and kill you for it?

message 10: by Kath (new)

Kath | 1965 comments it's kinda the equivalent of issuing a time limited voucher for smashwords methinks - handy for authors who only publish at amazon but who are not enrolled in the KDP select thingie - well, that's how i see it anyways :)

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