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Christina *Cantarella* | 4 comments Quickly tidying her hair up into a messy bun, Bella made her way behind the counter. Letting out a puff of air at how relieved she was when she realized that she wasn't as late as she'd thought, she tilted the corners of her lips upwards until her usual, calm smile was visible on her face... And began serving the people who came up to the bar and would ask for drinks.

Christina *Cantarella* | 4 comments Bella's eyes snapped towards the direction of the man who'd just called to her, and her smile widened in a silent greeting.
"Sure thing." Moving over to grab the bottles she was so used to holding, she poured it's contents out into a glass and pushed it towards the man.
"You alright?" She murmured, leaning her elbows down on the counter for a moment. "You seem a little... Jumpy."

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