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Serendipity walks into the bar slipping on a short black apron. She pulls her thick black hair up into a sloppy bun and looking around, grabs some bottles of alcohol.

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Sera looks up and smiles politely. "Hi, can I get you a drink?" She asks and throws a bar towel over her shoulder casually. Pushing her bangs out of her eyes she looks around before focusing back on the girl. "Would you like to see a menu?"

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Serendipity nods and pulling a menu out of the shelf, hands it to her before she wipes down the counter next to her. "The daily special is a virgin margarita with a shot of vodka and a lime on the side." She says and goes back to mixing different drinks.

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Sera nods and pulls out a glass. "May I see some identification please?" She asks and starts pouring the vodka into a clean shaker. Sera grabs some fruit and then pulls some other alcohol into the shaker. She runs her hand through her hair again and sighs before going back to work. She looks over at Piper and raises an eyebrow. "I'm required to ask for your identification."

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Serendipity looks up and nods, "I'll be right with you sir," She says before turning back to Piper. She sighs and then goes back to making the drink. "You'll need some identification before I can give this to you." She finishes it off and spinning the top over the shaker, starts shaking it. Pulling out a small lime, she slips a cut into the end and unscrews the lid. Pouring the drink into the martini glass, she then sticks the lime on the side. Sera sets the glass on the counter behind her and turns to Damion.

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Marik wrote: ""What's on the menu tonight?" He asked softly, he began to fix his collar of his suit, "Next time I'm having mine custom made" he muttered managing to fix the collar."

"Depends hon, what are you feeling for? Rough day I would recommend a beer or some Whiskey. If your feeling more on the lighter side, you may want a margarita or a martini although you strike me as more of a whiskey or beer type." She smiles slightly at him and leans against the counter.

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Serendipity takes the ID off the counter and looks at it for a moment. She flicks her gaze up at Piper and raises an eyebrow before shrugging and throwing it back on the counter. It slides across the sleek counter and stops in front of Piper. Turning around, she grabs the glass and sets it in front of Piper. "Enjoy, let me know if I can get you anything to go with that."

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Sera nods to Piper, "Sure thing hun." Sera then turns to Damion. "You got it," she calls before looking around. Where was her partner? She shakes her head before wiping her hands on the apron and pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniels. She grabs a glass for Damion's drink and turns around. Walking down a little ways, she slips the glass into the basin of ice before pulling it out and filling it with the chilled Jack Daniels. Sera walks back over to him and nods, "Id?"

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Sera takes it and gives it a quick look over, flicking her gaze to him before nodding. She hands him the drink before she goes and starts cleaning up the bottles and limes from both their drinks.

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Sera smiles slightly at Piper and shrugs, "It's still early but I'm not exactly sure," She says politely before looking at Damion. "Well, here I've been working for 3 or 4 years now.." She says thinking and then shrugging. "I was a pole dancer stripper exotic person or whatever they call them but I got a job doing this." She says nonchalantly like it was nothing.

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Sera chuckles and then shrugs, "I consider it an upgrade in the fact that I don't have drunk and arrogant men pawing at me like I'm a dog." She says shrugging, "Plus I get flexible hours as a bartender and I get to play with alcohol," She says smiling slightly, "although I do get the occasional drunk pawing at me serving them but I have a booth's width of a distance so it's easier to fend them off instead of it being my job to let them paw at me." Sera looks at Piper and smirks slightly, "It's not all it's cracked up to be."

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Sera looks at him curiously before shrugging. "Yea of course, you want a bloody mary or a straight shot of vodka or tequila?" She starts pulling bottle from the shelves and examines them. "Any of those sound good to you?" She asks and turns back to him. Seeing him wince she blinks and cocks her head to the side slightly.

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Sera nods and grabs a double shot glass. She pulls out a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and pours it into the glass. Handing it over to him she raises an eyebrow. "You have a name?" She asks curiously and flicks her gaze at Piper curiously before turning her attention back to the guy.

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Turning towards him she leans against the back counter. "Wow you have some skills in downing straight vodka. Ice? Interesting, I'll just stick with Damion." She looks at him before turning around and starts typing in the orders. She prints out two receipts and hands one to Piper and the other to Damion. "You guys can still add more if your not done but...just to start you off." She says shrugging.

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Sera blinks and looks at him frowning slightly before nodding. She pulls out the bottle and pours another shot for him before going to start on Pipers drink. After pulling out the bottles she flicks her gaze over at Damion. "Do you need medical help? For that?" She says motioning to the wound as it disappears behind his jacket.

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Sera takes the money that he owed for the drinks so far and then shrugs. "Well that doesn't mean you should go around with a wound open." Sera sets the bottle on the counter before checking her watch. Still have 20 minutes before I'm off until midnight. She thinks quickly doing the calculations in her head.

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Sera snorts, "Depends on what they try and shove into my apron. On a good day, I'd say about 30 dollars but I don't need money. I'm not rich, but I'm making it out alright." She says and looks at him. "Come on, are you sure you don't need just like a bandage or something? We have a ton in the back." She says and looks down at the money left on the counter. Sera pushes it back towards him and raises an eyebrow.

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Sera looks at him and smirks, "What's the catch?" She asks and refills his glass. She shakes her head and looks at him. "You don't just give that kind of money away." She sets his glass back in front of him and eyes it warily. "I don't know if I should give that to you, you seem to be already pretty intoxicated for giving away over 3,000 dollars."

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Sera raises an eyebrow before shrugging. "Ok well have fun with that." She says and pats his arm like she didn't believe him. "I'll take like..50 dollars from that but no more." She says and takes his glass. "Now if you let me bandage you up I'll think about taking more," She says looking at him curiously. She really wanted to know how he has that much money and why he would just give it away.

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Sera nods and waves her hand towards the back. "We can go back there if you want. That's where all of us go on break." She says and opening up the bar divider, stands next to it. "You seriously want me to just take $3,000? Without any questions about whether it will come back to bite me in my ass?" She says slightly disbelieving.

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Sera rolls her eyes slightly, "So you just...give people money.." She trails off and pulling her keys from her key-chain hanging off one of her jean loops. Unlocking the back, which she hadn't gone in yet for there was no point, she heads towards the small room used for breaks. Pushing open the door she waits for him and turns on the lights.

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Sera nods slightly, "No kidding." She mutters but grabs the first aid kit and points to a couch. "You can sit there," She says and turning around, grabs her purse. "So how'd that happen?" She asks walking towards him and flicking her eyes over at the wound. She cocks her head to the side slightly and wrinkles her nose. "I don't know why anyone would work for a mob."

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((If I disappear I'm eating..cause I'm hungry so yea...))

Sera walks over to him and sits down. She turns him towards her and looks at the wound for a moment before frowning. "Can you get the bullet out? I would but we aren't in exactly the ideal sanitation requirements." She says and starts pulling out hydrogen peroxide as well as some gauze and bandages.

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((Haha gotta love crazy ass friends))

Sera nods and pulls out some medical tape. She looks up as he just pops the bullet out and raises an eyebrow. "Couldn't you have done that at any time?" She asks and pours some of the hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball. Turning towards him, so she's facing him fully, she brushes her bangs out of her face annoyed and presses the cotton to the small bullet hole.

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Sera looks up and him and shakes her head. "No more tipping," she says firmly and after pulling off the cotton, gently dabs it. Throwing it in the trash can, she rips open a package of gauze and presses it against the wound. With one hand, she grabs the tape and rips off a piece. After she finishes with the wound, she stands up and shrugs. "Your all set, nice to know you have an in house doctor." She says teasingly and starts picking up all the medical equipment.

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Sera looks at it before biting her lip softly. She looks up and him and shakes her head. "I don't need anything, I would have done it for anyone." She smiles and holds it out to him, "besides you've already given me over a thousand dollars in money. You probably have people more worth your time." She stands up and after slipping the first aid kit back into the cabinet, turns back around to him.

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She looks down at the card for a moment and nods reluctantly. "Fine," she looks back up at him and cocks her head to the side again. "Come on, we should go back out there." She checks her phone seeing she was off work and picks up her bag. Slipping it over her shoulder and heads towards the door.

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Sera nods, "Sounds good to me but I still don't know how you can drink that much." She says wrinkling her nose before walking back out to the front. "So what do you want this time?"

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Nodding, she grabs the bottle and pours him another vodka before pulling a Blue Moon out of the chiller. She pops off the top and walking around to the front, hops onto a stool next to him. She turns towards him and smiles slightly, "I've never had a drink with a mobster." She looks around at the mostly empty bar and takes a sip of her beer.

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Sera nods and then smirks, "Well I'm sure you haven't considering they are usually the ones serving you." She says pointedly before nodding, "Yea thank god, I'm not going to miss all the drunk idiots." She murmurs before setting her half empty beer on the counter. "So what does a mob person do? Or is that like..confidential?"

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Sera looks at him strangely, "then why are you telling me?" She asks and her eyes flash with curiosity and she turns back and forth lazily on the bar stool. "Do you want me to die?" She asks smirking slightly. Her blue eyes flash with amusement before turning sober again looking at him. He really was a mystery to her.

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Sera smiles and stands up. Stretching, she yawns and goes back behind the counter. Pouring the rest of her beer out, she then takes his shot glass and washes it out. "Well, thank you for the drink Damion." She checks her phone and sighs, "Great." Sera shakes her head and bites her lip thinking.

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"Oh my friend was going to drive me home know Vegas. She got a little distracted and now she can't." She mumbles and sighs, "it's ok though I'll walk home." She walks back to the other side of the bar and smiles. "It was very nice meeting you Damion."

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Sera laughs and takes them. "Feeling the alcohol?" She asks and smirks slightly, "I wonder why," she takes the keys and then looks at him before heading towards the door. "Come on, I don't know where your parked though."

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Sera looks at him and shakes her head slightly, "Your not messed up," She walks out of the Bar and looks around. "Actually I take that back, a person has to be messed up to live here but your not any messed up more than the rest of us."

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Sera looks at the car and a smile comes to her face. "Well this will be fun," She says and looks at him before unlocking the car and sliding in. She moves so her short work skirt isn't riding up her legs and looks over at him. "I should probably drive you home. I can catch a cab." She says and looks over at him. "You shouldn't be driving no matter how sober you are."

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Sera looks at him her eyes widening. "I can't do that," She says and shakes her head. "I'm not taking this car. Come on get in, please?" She asks and looks at him curiously, "If I take her you may not get her back."

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Sera grins, "Yay!" She starts the car and slips on her seat belt before turning towards him. "You ready?" She asks a smirk spreading across her face. She doesn't give him a chance to answer before she puts the car in drive and peels out of the parking lot.

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Sera flicks her gaze over at him before focusing back on the road and speeding up slightly, she passes a car next to her and heads towards her hotel room where she was staying. "What exactly would I be doing?" She looks back over at him again before coming to a stop at a stoplight. She looks over at the car next to her which was filled with guys. They smirk and wink at her before she rolls her eyes and skids ahead as the light turns green.

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Sera goes silent listening to him. She taps her thumbs on the steering wheel in thought and looked over at him. "How high are you in the mob?" She asks suddenly and frowns thinking. She skids past another person and makes a turn into the hotel parking lot.

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Parking the car, she turns to look and him and raises an eyebrow. "Can you elaborate? Because I have no idea what that means." She looks at him sheepishly before she pulls the keys out of the ignition and turns her gaze back to him.

((Is he going out with the Jane person?))

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((Haha ok I was just curious))

Sera looks at him for a moment before grinning. "Well no wonder you have such a good car. Although I heard that he wasn't a nice guy..." She shrugs and opens the door. Leaning on the door frame, she looks at the hotel before looking back at him, "Thank you."

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Sera shrugs before raising an eyebrow. "You could, I don't bite." She says and looks at him. Sera smiles and then pulls out her phone. She checks the time quickly before slipping it back in her pocket.

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Sera turns around and playfully slaps him. "Don't!" She says and laughs. Sera walks backwards and raises an eyebrow.

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Sera laughs and bending down, slips off the black heels she was wearing. Standing up, she looks at him and her eyes widen as she sees him speeding up.

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Sera rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Your crazy," she says and walks through the lobby. Slipping on her heels again, she straightens her skirt before turning towards him. "Come on," she heads towards the elevators and presses the button to go up.

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Sera walks into the elevator and smirks at him. She pulls her hair out of it's sloppy bun and lets it fall across her back before looking down at the skirt. "This is the skirt for the work uniform. Nothing special, but thanks I guess." She says and laughs softly when she catches him blushing.

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Sera looks up at him and leans against the elevator wall. She runs a hand through her hair and blushes looking away. "I don't think that's possible, to be cold and calculating while still being happy." She murmurs and then bites her lip. "Thanks," she looks up at him and then towards the elevator as it opens on her floor.

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"Yea especially since your a mobster," she says and then raises an eyebrow. "I wasn't always a bartender." Sera reminds him and then shrugs slightly, "I'm just an average person trying to make a living. Albeit I'm not doing it the same way as most people but still, a girl's gotta eat." She pulls out her key and unlocks the door. Walking in to the newly cleaned room she keeps the door open for Damion.

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