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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites)

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Jane dived in, wearing a black and white bikini

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She looked at him, 'You have to follow me everywhere?'

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She smirked and started doing some laps.

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After her 7th, she stopped 'Thanks' she panted, 'Trying to get a good stamina' she smiled

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She shrugged, 'Just in case' she saw him swimming to her, 'Thanks..I guess' she slowly swam away until she was close to a wall.

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She shrugged, 'How should I know?' she said flatly, looking at the sky

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She looked at him, 'Sorry to hear that...I've never felt love in my life not even with my family'

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She stared at him, and looked away, ' seem like a good guy but..we've just met and-' she wanted to get out of the pool but she didn't stand a chance against him

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She bit her lip and splashed water in her face, 'Wake the hell up, Jane' she muttered

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She looked at him, 'I can see that now' she said sarcastically. Sighing, she started doing laps again

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She tumble-turned when she finished a lap then stopped, 'Again..thanks' she smirked

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She laughed, 'Yours is priceless..' she joked then ran a hand through her hair, 'Who is the other person you've got to protect?' she asked

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She nodded, All for the girls..why did I believe him? she thought then smiled, 'Thanks for telling me'

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She looked at him shocked, 'What?!' she got out of the pool angrily and grabbed a towel and her stuff. 'Freaking weirdo' she mumbled as she wrapped the towel around her and walked off.

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