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Danica (arya_svitkona) Okay...-deep breath-
did anyone else cry like I did?
Wow. just wow. it was 1 in the morning, I was tired. So I finish the book.
Then I can't get to sleep because of how it is so ......beautiful. (please excuse my clicheness)
It was! Ethan GAVE HIMSELF UP to SAVE THE WORLD! I don't think I could do that.
anyone else?

Gabby (imnotafraidtokeeponliving) I dont usually cry while reading books(don't tell anyone)but honestly I did. I kept thinking please no please no don't let Ethan die!! It was so heart-wrenching how he gave up his life to save the world. What made me cry harder was the last page and how it said that all he could think as he was falling was Lena. I dont think that I would ever be able to do that, especially if that meant leaving my love. Again, I'm not a softie but I definitely felt the emotion come out of me.

Danica (arya_svitkona) I don't usually cry either, the rare one. Like Mockingjay, the end. And on the first page of Beautiful Redemption Lena says (view spoiler)

Kristie Hanley (kristiehanley) | 1 comments I just finished Beautiful Chaos and I cried and cried and cried!!! Such a great series! My heart is broken right now!!!

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I didn't cry because I knew there was another book and people can come back in this world.

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