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message 1: by Evil (new)

Evil (evilqueen22) Ok. Guys, we need to figure out a book to read for January. Here are some suggestions:

Les Miserables (Around 2-3 months and not just for January)
The Phantom of the Opera
Lord of the Rings
The Book Thief
David Copperfield
Little Women
The woman in white

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Just out of curiosity, what happened to "The Woman in White" that we read for November/December? Also, I vaguely recall reading "The Book Thief" a few years ago and enjoying it! :) I've always wanted to read "David Copperfield" and "The Phantom of the Opera" too.

message 3: by Evil (new)

Evil (evilqueen22) I am not sure but I think a few people did read it. And yes I LOVED The Book thief! I really want to read The Phantom again!!!!

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