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crime vs compassion

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Carol Wagers Bearclaw (Peter Brown) is a contradition in terms: on the one hand he's a cold-blooded killer, but he is also a compassion, knowledgeable & caring physician who cares about saving lives. Does he remind you a little of Dexter? Some people deserve to be killed, while innocents & children should be protected. Can morality be that simple? And do you believe that vigilante justice is ever right? I guess what I'm asking is do you believe the end justifies the means, and what do you think of the hero (anti-hero) of this terrific tale

Craig Coleman If I remember correctly, the main violence committed by Bearclaw in the book is retribution. He talks a little about the "bad guys" he does away with, but mostly about his family and girlfriend and the revenge he takes for their deaths.
The answer to your question is, yes. Morality really can be that simple, at least for some people. He's definitely an anti-hero. Can't wait to read what Bazell comes up with next.

Nikki This book was AMAZING and the rollercoaster ride between Dr. Peter Brown and Pietro "BearClaw" is so much fun! He's like the mob version of Dexter the serial killer on that show. He kills the "bad guys", like Craig said. He's the antihero you root for because the other options are horrid! I'm looking forward to more fun with the author's writing style.

Elli I've never read a book quite like this before!

Nikki Elli wrote: "I've never read a book quite like this before!" It's a really good time, eh? I enjoyed it more than I should have because of the shock value, I think. LOL

Cateline I read it in practically one sitting. Shock value, yes indeed! I have two words.....shark tank. :eek:

His next one Wild Thing is out already.

Keith Read this a while ago, actually really funny escapism.
I'm looking forward to the 2nd in the series.
Can't get it at my library, so may need to buy this one
But definitely worthy of a read..

Mary Regan Strong recommendation on this one. I *loved* the gonzo quality of it. Have heard mixed reviews about book 2 though... Anyone recommend the 2nd book?

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