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Selene was arm with arm with Tyler, smiling and blushing as shesend her pet to her cabin.

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Si left Ty's hand and bend down to pet Anito.

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Si backed away as he scrached but she wasnt hurt.

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Si got up and walked with Tylor, blushing furiously mutterring , "Thanks."

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She automatically looked into his eyes when he saw her and looked away a second later. She said, her voice in croaks, "Whatever you love the most, Ill have that."

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"I know. My choice is the second worst anyways." she said

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She pouted as he laughed but yet tookthe coke and popped it open.

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"Soo?" she releated back, "What do you do in your free time?" she asked, keeping up a conversation.

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"So much all due to a troublemaker named Tyler." she laughed.

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((Its okay.))

"Keep trying. Not much of humor with all those elders..." she chuckled, "How can one stay so serious."

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She notice the redness in his face and asked, "Why turn red now? Stop blushing."

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"Good boy. Now go and get some good chocolates for Momma." she said, giggling and blushing.

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She followed him and took the box and took out a piece and pushed it into his mouth.

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((Caramel? My fav too!!))

She smiled at him and, though she didnt know why, kissed his cheeks.

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She caught his lips and kissed him deeper. Her face had turned crimson red but for once, she didn't care. She for too happy tto care for anything. Except Ty

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She continued kissing him while their tongues were engaged in a fierce duel.

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She pulled away and blushingly said, "Am sorry. I couldnt control it. I love you."

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"Uh...not really. I kissed you first. I really love you..." she said, looking into his eyes with her grey ones.

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She grinned wide while blushing deeply and said, "Am so happy!!" She resumed kissing his lips then.

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She slid her tongue into his mouth and explored his throat's depths(xD).

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She wrapped her hand tightly on his neck and sat on this thighs.

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((Damn! Sry didnt get notifs.))

"Sure. Where?" she looked around.

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She ran behind the counter and hid behind it so that his master couldnt see her when he enters.

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She stayed still, quiet and her breathing slow and long.

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((Can it happen that Selene stole it for a bet?))

She stayed as still as a stone all the time, straining her ear to hear what they were saying.

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Selene was shocked from hearing what Tyler's master was saying. Is it the device which I have stolen?? she thought. Ill have to give it back! But not right now im front of Tyler's master. Or maybe that will save him. Or not.. she thought while holding the device which she had taken out from her pocket.

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((Should she get out and give it now?¿))

She looked nervously at the device while her face drenched in sweat from many unknown reasons.

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When he was gone, Si quickly came out from under the counter and as soon as Tyler saw her, she held out the device.

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