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Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 1445 comments Mod
I decided to put this under Movies because I read the book too long ago and because this post has been inspired by the new movie version (a good one, by the way). If this book was written today, I am 100% sure it would be pigeonholed into Christian Fiction at best and quite possibly might have a problem getting published in the first place. the student uprising, the young love melodrama, even the cat-and-mouse game between Valjean and Javert- those are just plot points. Fundamentally, it's a story of a man's relationship with G-d and how different views of G-d lead people to divergent paths. Currently, as a society, we don't tackle these themes in our art as much as we should (or, if we do, we put it aside with a genre label and narrow both its appeal and its impact). And it's our loss.

message 2: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Novak (eddien) | 123 comments Mod
I keep hearing that Hugo is the greatest Romantic writer ever. That's all I know. I really want to read NINETY-THREE about the French Revolution but don't have access to a full copy. I will read THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE-DAME soon. Unless someone has a better suggestion. Sorry for hijacking the thread! Just ignore me, I need to ramble occasionally.

Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 1445 comments Mod
Ayn Rand loved him, and that's a lot to say considering his Christian themes. He is considered the best example of Romantic literature, both the good and the bad parts of it.

Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 1445 comments Mod
Every line is indeed sung, which normally I don't like, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The acting is terrific.

For the book I recommend the abridged version. The regular one has too many historical sidetracks.

message 5: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Novak (eddien) | 123 comments Mod
I've also heard that Hugo supported a strong central government. Being a product of the French Revolution I'm not surprised. I'm dying to read Hugo now. I better not let the moment pass and put him off another year.

Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 1445 comments Mod
Dany- I would read the book (maybe an audiobook if you are not sure if you want to spend your reading time on this). It's quite readable, the abridged version anyway.

Eddie- From what I understand, Hugo was pretty much a socialist, which you could say was sort of forgivable in his day considering it hasn't been tried.

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