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message 1: by Diane, Armchair Tour Guide (new)

Diane | 12845 comments Just like there are places we prefer to physically travel to, there are places we like to read about. What are your favorite places to read about?

For me, I seem to most like (in no particular order) books set in Ireland, France, Russia, Scandinavia, China, India, North Africa, and anywhere in the Middle East.

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Mae | 10 comments Europe is the place I like reading about. Especially in Norway, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark and many more. They have a wealth of history that just piques my interest.

message 3: by Ksenia (new)

Ksenia | 21 comments I love reading fiction set in Greece, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Scotland, Cornwall, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Denmark. Some of these places I've been to, others I still want to check out...

message 4: by MichelleCH (new)

MichelleCH (lalatina) | 55 comments I like London as well, followed by France and Germany.

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessica_peter) | 20 comments I read a great deal of Regency romance, so London and the English countryside are the places to be. I also have special reading wishlists for some of my favourite places: France, New Orleans, and Ireland, so those too. Then I like to read either historical or modern travel accounts of "difficult" places (like African conflict zones, etc.)

message 6: by Elvira (new)

Elvira Baryakina (elvira_baryakina) I read tons of books on Russia and China. These countries shaped the world in the 20th century, so many answers to my "why"s are hidden there.

Besides, I'm Russian by birth, so it's personal too.

message 7: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Bezdel | 8 comments I'm currently having a literary love affair with Japan - currently (and sadly almost finished) 1Q84 and really enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha; now, by coincidence, just about to delve into Omamori for another Group's February read.
Would love to make a real journey to this fascinating country sometime soon. If dreams could really come true ...

message 8: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Bezdel | 8 comments Adam wrote: "Save up and take a trip. There are some reasonable priced hotels in the Shinjuku area and all of Tokyo is safe. The airfare is a wadge of cash but no more than many other places.

Do study a littl..."

Thanks Adam, knowledgeable tips from someone who has experienced a place is so helpful. I wish I had the discipline to save for such distant adventures; unfortunately exhaustion and itchy feet always get the better of me and I end up travelling much closer to home. Europe is always a big draw when I just need a break. One day though I will make this particular dream a reality. Thanks again for the encouragement.

message 9: by Jenifer (new)

Jenifer (jensamaha) | 14 comments Generally, I love to read books set in either the U.K. or Ireland. Although I've lately been craving some books set in France.

message 10: by Claire (new)

Claire Fun (clairefun) | 5 comments I mostly enjoy books set in Japan - another fan of the culture here! - or London books, usually because I like recognising places I know...

message 11: by Mattia (new)

Mattia Ravasi | 4 comments I've always been fond of American culture and imagery, and I mostly read American literature, so the US is of course my first pick. I've never been there, and American Literature (especially the more "involved" and brave sort of) helps me understand the true nature of such a complex and far away nation.
Being more specific, I enjoy a lot novels about life in Midwestern metropolis. Franzen's masterpieces and that sort of stuff.

I also love novels set in small European countries, Italian or French (I'm Italian myself by the way), because the feeling of simplicity I can experience through such books reminds me of my childhood (or perhaps of the way I *now* perceive my childhood ^^)

message 12: by Fliss (new)

Fliss Blanch | 45 comments At the moment I'm into books set in Israel - mainly because I'll be going there sometime this year. I also love historical fiction novels that are set in Russia or Eastern Europe. Next stop will be the Carribean, then Africa and then Central Asia (the stan countries)

message 13: by Jackdog (new)

Jackdog | 1 comments I really enjoy indian literature. Love the vivid descriptions, I can almost imagine I'm there.......and that's what reading is all about.

message 14: by dely (new)

dely | 368 comments Jackdog wrote: "I really enjoy indian literature. Love the vivid descriptions, I can almost imagine I'm there.......and that's what reading is all about."


message 15: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Novoa (caroline_doherty_de_novoa) | 29 comments I'm from Ireland but live in Colombia so I love reading Irish literature as it makes me feel like I'm back at home.

Caroline Doherty de Novoa

message 16: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Shipman | 12 comments Right now I enjoy Ireland and The English Cotswolds. Pretty much all of the UK.

message 17: by LePensuer (new)

LePensuer I prefer readings about Russia and France.

message 18: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliastrimer) I love reading about forests, in whatever country or context. Remarkable Trees of the World, Meetings with Remarkable Trees, and Mythic Woods: The World's Most Remarkable Forests are very interesting. Thomas Pakenham wrote the first two and contributed to the last.

message 19: by dely (last edited Nov 16, 2013 11:51AM) (new)

dely | 368 comments Julia wrote: "I love reading about forests, in whatever country or context. Remarkable Trees of the World, Meetings with Remarkable Trees..."

You may like Mauro Corona. Unfortunately I don't know if some of his books have ever been translated into English. He is an Italian climber, writer and sculptor and most of his books are set in the mountains or in the woods. I have never read him but he is famous here in Italy, I should try to pick up one of his books someday.

message 20: by Nea (new)

Nea (neareads) | 66 comments My current favorites are Africa (any country), Japan, India. I also like historical fiction and pre-history books set in the US.

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