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Rules of Jace's Cabin

#1: Jace is Supreme ruler of this cabin

#2: Anyone can join my cabin, Just ask

#3: Ask if you want a room

#4: Have fun

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People who live here so far: Jace,

(I'll add your name when you ask to join)

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Jace walks in and heads for the kitchen.

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Jane walked in and smirked 'Not bad' she murmured

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"Thanks" Jace says and walks into the kitchen

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She looked around 'Need help?' She asked

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"With what" he says opening the fridge.

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'Anything?' She asked

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"not really and what do you want?" he asks grabbing a coke from the fridge.

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'Coke' she said immidiently then laughed

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Jace smiles and grabs another coke, then tosses one to her.

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She caught it 'Thanks'

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Jace sits down on a couch in the liveing room "welcome" he says taking a sip.

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She sat down as well and drank her coke

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Jace looks at her and laughs "you spill that coke, your gonna clean it" he jokes

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She almost spit the coke out, she swallowed then laughed

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"Watch it" says Jace and whispers "you don't want to ruin my furniture, do you?"

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She shrugged 'maybe' she smiled

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"is that so" says Jace "then maybe i'll have to be extra careful".

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She laughed 'True'

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Jace laughs "so when are you gonna do the final test" he asks.

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She shrugged 'This year..I think'

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"sucks, cause so am I" says Jace and throws his can away.

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She shrugged 'If you kill me, look in the eye..' She looked at him

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"Hopefully im not going to be the one to kill you or maybe you could win" says Jace wanting to make her feel like she has a chance.

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She smiled 'Yea..but..I don't see myself winning' she laughed

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"you don"t know" says Jace and then smiles "i'm bored, are you?"

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She nods 'Yea..why you smiling like that?' She raised an eyebrow

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Jace puts on a straight face "what are you talking about" he jokes.

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She laughed 'Nevermind'

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((Aww..well happy new year!))

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Jace stands up "well i'm gonna go to the archery range, you can come if you want" he says and heads for the door.

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(back but ya Happy New Year)

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She smiled and followed him

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Jace walks up to his door and opens it then holds it open for Jane

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She walked inside 'Looks the same like last time' she joked

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"well i don't usually change anything" he says shutting the door and walking towards the kitchen

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She shrugged and followed him to the kitchen

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Jace walks over to the freezer and opens it "coffee or double espresso or vanilla ice cream?"

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'Vanilla please' she said leaning on the counter

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Jace grabs the pint of vanilla and coffee and slides the Vanilla to Jane across the counter "spoons are behind you"

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She grabs it then turns around getting two spoons 'There you go' she gave a spoon to Jace

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Jace takes it "thanks" he says popping of the lid and taking a bite

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She opened the lid easily and began eating some ice cream 'Delicious' she smiled

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"cofffee's better though" he says taking another bite

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'Let me try' she smirked and leans forward to get some

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Jace pushes it forward a little so she can reach it

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She took a bit and ate it she nods 'Yeah it's good but vanilla still is my favourite' she joked

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