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Halle (thepotterhead) Read or use the computers. The librarian's an old hag that couldn't care less about what you do as long as it doesn't interrupt her stories.

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Samantha was sitting in a chair, reading to her little cousin.
Her cousin turned the page of Peter Rabit, by Beatrix Potter and giggled at the picture of him wiggling under the fence.
Samantha glanced up when she saw a flash. She saw a fleeting photographer. She sighed, and continued reading.

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Samantha closed the book saying," The end."
Her cousin smiled." Can I pick out another book?"
Sam nodded." We have another hour."

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Crys was passing by an aisle and some little kid reading to his big sister or someone. As she passed she paused, then looked at the girl again. She looked familiar, there was something about her.... Crys took a breath and approached her. "Do I know you?"

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Samantha looked up." Maybe...I'm Samantha."

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"Hmm..." Crys thought for a moment. "No, I don't think so... Sorry, for disturbing you." She gave a small nod, then began making her way back up the aisle.

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Samantha shrugged. She smiled at her little cousin as he held up another Beatrix potter book. She started reading.
When they finished the book, it was time to go." Come on." She held his hand and opened the door to leave and was met with the flashes of a camera. The poparatzzi.

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Crys was leaving through the back entrance, knowing the popular areas, where the mobbed stars would be and whatnot. She knew better.

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Samantha saw a back entrance and closed the front door after answering a few questions. She followed Crys out the back.

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The exit led to a narrow brick alley, echoes of footsteps and small murmurs rebounded from the walls.

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Samantha picked up her five year old cousin and quickly walked out of the alley. She looked around. She was wearing jeans, converse and a graphic T. She looked normal.

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Crystal was waiting around the corner of the alley. When Samantha came out, Crys stepped in front of her. "Is it you that they are here for?"

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Samantha jumped. She put her cousin down." Who?"

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"The people with the stupid cameras and crap!" She gestured towards the other part of the building.

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Samantha sighed." Yes. The poparatzzi are here for me."

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"Oh, so I recognized you because you were famous. Great." She sounded a bit more mellow. "But please, from now on, go to a different library. This one is mine. I don't want people like you attracting people like them. It ruins the atmosphere."

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Samantha looked at the ground." I'm sorry. This is the first time in two years they've found me there. I go here every Saturday with my cousin." She looked up.

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"Really?" She was impressed. Samantha wasn't actually here for publicity or anything... "I didn't think it was like that. I'm sorry."

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" It's okay." Samantha said. I'm used to it.

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"By the way, those people will probably soon realize where you went." Crys looked at her pointedly.

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" Yeah. Wait. Before I leave, or the poparatzzi finds us, what's your name?

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"Uh, um, Crys.."

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" Crys. Nice name." Sam sees someone from the poparatzzi heading out of the library." I better go. And thanks. Your the first person that didn't ask for an autograph when they found out I was famous." She grinned and started walking down the streets, holding her cousins hand.

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She gave a small wave then began making her way home.

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Samantha haver a small wave back, then started heading to her aunts house. She heard," Samantha! Wait up!" She sighed. She looked at her cousin, and his blue eyes were tired. She picked him up and kept walking. She got to the end of the street, when they surrounded her.
" Samantha! Who is this? Your brother?"
" What's his name?"
" Is he yours?"
" When's your next concert?"
Samantha answered," This is my cousin."
He smiled and said," I'm Ryan." Into the microphone.
Samantha smiled." My next concert is..." She answered a few other questions." Okay. Can I please go? My aunt won't like it if I'm late for dropping Ryan off. He has soccer practice." She pushed away from the cameras, and walked over to her car. A truck. She buckled Ryan in and was about to climb into the drivers seat when she heard," Why do you drive this, if your parents bought you a new car last week?"
She turned to find some kids from her old school, with a camera." Hi Kim, Logan. I can't drive my cousin home in that car. Plus, he lives on a hill and this truck is easier to drive up in it than the convertible."
" okay. Smart. Bye Samantha." Kim waved goodbye as they saw their friends.
Sam smiled." Bye." She drove home.

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Abel sat down at one of the library's tables. He began to draw in the sketch book he picked up in Speciosus' house. Abel was feeling very creative today, mostly because he had missed picking up his perscription.

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