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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments (previous story with Argent and Jester: "Forest" thread )

"Hello? Hello!" Jester kept on banging on the giant iron gate with his hatchet. Yep, they went the right direction, alright. But what did they came up with? A small village with a giant 10-story building sized iron padded gates. Just his lucky day.

Jester finally stopped banging the gate and realized that no one would ever come to their aid this time. He sighed in despair.

"What do we do now?" Argent asked, playing with her knife again.

The village looked abandoned, and Jester doubts that not many useful material can be found in here. Just by looking at the residence gave him the creeps. "I do think we should loot. But let's stick together. We wouldn't know maybe zombies ambush us again." Argent nodded in agreement. She wasn't much of a talker, though, but Jester's fine with that.

They went by the first house nearest to them. It was a bungalow. A dusty old bungalow. Jester slowly opened the door, making the hinges creek as it moved like one of those thrilling scenes in the movies. He handled his hatchet firmly as they walked inside.

There was no electricity in here, but the bright sun managed to illuminate the interiors clearly. Visible dust flew in the air as the sunshine radiated them by the window. The couches had its cushions ripped off, wooden tables looked unstable and wobbly by the legs, and some picture frames that used to be hanging from the walls now dropped to the floor with its glass shards scattered.

Double checking for any signs of an infected, Jester walked first, while Argent had her knife and guarded his back. Heart pounding, they slowly stepped inside the living room, then the kitchen, then the bedroom, then the back door.

"Clear," Jester had his verdict. He lowered his hatchet down. "Let's go and loot. I'll take the bed room, and you go with the kitchen." Both of them started walking in different directions.

The bed room was filled with unnecessary junk. Empty bag of chips scattered across the floor gave sign that someone had been evacuating here, but left soon enough he/she hadn't had time to clean up. An ash tray filled with sticks of cigarette was by the window frame. It wasn't emerging in thin streams of smoke, so that means the owner of the house was long time gone. Novelty books were neatly placed inside a cabinet, which means he/she wasn't fond of reading. And finally, posters of bikini models were glued to the walls. Yep, he's a boy, alright.

Jester started looting. He checked the drawers, under the beds, on the study table, but nothing seems useful to him. He looked at the books from the cabinet and turned wide-eyed. "Twilight?!" He quickly opened the glass cabinet door and took out the book. He started flipping the pages furiously with excitement. "I've never read Twilight before. I can't believe they still make these!" True, Jester was fond of books, yet he hadn't read Twilight before. The civilization stopped making progress on music, literature, and other social stuff when The Apocalypse had started.

Having the book's pages almost ripped, Jester decided that it wouldn't be in any use, and carrying it would delay him from running. He returned back the book from the cabinet. When he was about to close the glass cabinet door, he caught a glimpse on something shiny between the books. He quickly pulled it and held out a flashlight.

"Great!" Jester said, not realizing he's speaking it out loud. "I've got enough batteries in my bag." He opened his medical bag and brought out two batteries, uncapped the flashlight, inserted it, and capped it again. He turned it on and the lens beamed with light. He smiled in approval.

The door sounded with a knock. Argent came in and showed him what she got back from the kitchen.

"What did you find?" Jester asked.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent looked at him "I found a few more knives,nothing in the fridge,some extra bullets and granola bars" she said simply.She looked at the Twilight book before making a face "I hate Twilight" she said glaring at the book

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments "Well sorry, but we have different tastes." Jester got one of the granola bars and started munching on it. "My medical bag is full," he said with his mouth full, which sounded like "my medical bag ith full". Jester continued to speak. "And most of the bullets seems to fit on rifles, and not pistols. But let's take them, anyway." He started pacing around the room, trying to find something to store their stuff with.

Like a genie in a lamp, Jester found a light weight knapsack between the cabinet and the table. He picked it up, organized their stuff, and put their knives, bullets, and granola bars inside their inventory. Jester decided that Argent should hold his medical bag instead of the knapsack. He gave his medical bag and wore the knapsack. It wasn't heavy and it might not delay his agility.

Argent slung the medical bag across her shoulder and down to her other side like a handbag with an elongated handle. She opened it and scrutinized every material inside. "Knife, gauze tape and cloth, a bottle of Agua Oxinada, and..." She pulled out an unopened injections and a bottle of medicine. She read the bottle with her eyes squinting. like it was hard for her too read the foreign name. "Tetanus Toxoid?"

"Yep," Jester proudly said. "Used to cure Tetanus. We never know when a bullet hits us, right?"

Argent raised a brow, impressed by his preparation. She returned back the supplies in the bag and zipped it closed.

Jester walked out the room, followed by Argent. Nothing more to loot here. They stepped outside the house and went to a small garage from the back yard. No sight of zombies anywhere. He closed the door behind Argent as they came inside. "Let's start scavenging again." Jester paced around the room and kneel beside one of the cabinets, and so did Argent.

As they huddled some junk out, Jester broke the awkward silence again. "So, Argent, where do you live?"

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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments "Doesnt matter anymore" she said,searching for anything they could use.Tears filled her eyes but she blinked them away and continued searching

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments "You know, I'm not someone who can ruin your life. I'm just a stranger you met in the woods." Well, that's a fact. "Sometimes it's better letting off your secrets with someone you don't know." Jester continued to search but found nothing interesting. He then closed the cabinet and moved to the next. "Just so you know, we would probably be stuck in each other's hair starting today." He faced Argent with gleaming eyes.

Argent tried to face in the other direction, trying to hide away her tears. But Jester saw them, could actually feel them.

"But of course, it's up to you whether you want to talk about it." They continued looting for materials in silence.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent stayed silent for the longest time,searching."I lost my family" she mumbled

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments "Never met my parents," Jester said, flatly. "My Grandma died when I was 10. The zombies ate my friends. And just last month, cannibals ate my only companions." He said it all with his eyes locked on the looted cabinets, his hands working their way in. "See, that wasn't hard to say." Closing the cabinet back, he turned and faced Argent who was kneeling beside him. He frowned his eyes towards hers. He felt the sense of strength in him, forcing it to come out to Argent. "Those are just words, Argent. Never be persuaded by words. Even if it comes from your own mouth." He stood up and started huddling again to one of the cabinets. "My Grandma used to tell me that words are the most powerful weapon in the world, even though you can't see them." Finally, he got out something from the cabinet: Three unopened batteries. He put it inside his backpack and searched on the other side of the room. "So how about we move on and let's talk about something else? Anything you want to say?"

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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Her eyes widened at what he said,though she stayed silent.She shrugged at the question and continued to look for something of use

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Okay, that felt really awkward. But hey, Jester tried not to blame her. "Hey, Argent," Jester called. "Tell me something about you. What's your favorite food? Any ideal weapons? Oh, maybe an ideal guy, on the second thought?" Jester tried to keep her up beat, even though he has to go on a girly conversation about boys.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments She looked at him and couldnt help but laugh a bit "No I dont talk about guys so you wont have to be tortured" she said."Though an ideal weapon for me is just a normal handgun" she said

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Jester smiled back, glad enough that she smiled again...and didn't talk about boys. Well, that's a relief! As he was about to finish on his looting, he caught a glimpse of something big from above the high cabinet. He walked back a few paces and turned wide-eyed. "It's a rifle!" he shouted in glee. He walked closer and tiptoed to reach on the strap of the rifle.

Argent walked beside him, mesmerizing at the dusty rifle. "Does it still work?" She asked.

Jester brushed off the dust along the rifle. "I'm not sure. I've never used a rifle before." An idea came to him, and he quickly laid his knapsack on the floor, hauled up the bullets suitable for the rifle, and started loading it inside. "You should step back, Argent. 'Cause I'm not sure what I'm doing right now!" Obviously, his voice showed happiness towards the rifle. But he was sure enough that rifles won't keep them safe for long.

Once again, Jester managed their inventories, separating the weight of their carriage to equal measures. Argent found a Coke and a wrapped sandwich on the table - which was kinda weird being in a place like a garage - and decided that the knapsack would be the bag for their food supplies. After they finished organizing, they finally stepped outside the door. But before they could completely step outside, Jester stopped Argent from taking another step.

Argent bumped her head on Jester's back. "Hey," she moaned. "Why did you..." She stopped abruptly when she saw what's happening. The horde of infected from the woods had managed to follow them in Northern Cataka Gate. Now, it looked like the whole village is filled by mindless civilians, with blood, and pale skin, and...you know.

Jester grabbed on Argent's wrist again and pulled both of them behind the garage. "Let's sneak out around the houses," he whispered. "I saw that the exit of this village will take us to Radiation Darkness Road."

They didn't seem to have any much choice, so Argent nodded in agreement. Together, they dashed their way behind the houses and quickly, quietly got out to the cemented road towards the vast fields of grass.

(now let's move to "Radiation Darkness Road" thread! This just keeps getting better and better >:) )

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments ((hahahaha xD))
Argent kept quiet as they ran,making sure that she was quiet and quick

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