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Halle (thepotterhead) Outrageously high prices as always.

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Jane walked in and looked at the movie that were now showing

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Cristobal had decided to go see a movie without the celebrity treatment. He enjoyed that people recognized him and all, but it somehow became routine. He paid for his ticket and said "Thank you," to the cashier. His Spanish accent was rich in English and his native language. He had on a hat and sunglasses to disguise himself somewhat when he entered the theatre and bought some water

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Jane saw some men with camera "Oh shit" she murmured then quickly for her ticket, they saw her and began taking pictures saying "Jane! Over here! Are the rumors true?" She covered her face with her hand but they continued taking pictures she bumped into Cristobal, 'Sorry"

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Cristobal turned around to meet her gaze when she bumped into him. "No te preocupes, I shouldn't have been standing in your way". His Spanish accent was laced within his english and his native language. He looked up to see the paparazzi get excited when they saw her with him. they didn't recognize him yet, which he was grateful for.

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She looked back at the paparazzi then at Cristobal "Lo lamento.." She said, when she was younger her parents took her to a Latin dancing class causing her to pick up some Spanish." they seem to just follow me everywhere" she laughed "Um..I better get out of here so that you can enjoy your movie" she muttered, covering her face

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"I'd hate to leave you to let face these monsters on your own, quierda." He smiled at her. Most of the paparazzi began to notice that Cristobal was wearing a hat and sunglasses in doors and began to get excited. They asked him to take off his sun glasses.

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She looked at him "Don't do as they say..just want to make yet another headline with me in" she muttered, "I recognize that accent" she whispered so he could only hear. Jane glanced back at the flash cameras, biting her lip

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"Oh you do?" He side smiled at her as he spike to her softly. "Then you should let me treat you to a movie then, quierda". Cristobal was grateful that his sunglasses hid his eyes that were squinting from the many flashes of the camera

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She smiled "love too.." She said, quickly getting her Pepsi. Some security got to the paparazzi and made them go away "Phew that was close call" she muttered, taking a sip of her drink "Im ready.."

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"As am I," he relied after he got his drink as well. Cristobal sighed in relief when they left. He pulled off his sunglasses and tucked them into his pocket. He led her to the show room and then saw that there wasn't anyone there for this movie. "Que casualidad," he chuckled under his breath

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She smiled, not really making a deal that she was with a really hot celebrity. When she saw the show room, she grinned "Awesome" she walked around to find some good seats

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Cristobal found some good seats and lead her to them. He sat himself down. He pulled his hat off of his head and ran a hand through his short brown hair. He tucked his hat into one of his pockets and put his drink down in the holder.

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She sat down and put her drink in the holder, then looked at him "Cristobal Delavega" she smirked, knowing the name almost immidiently. She liked his music, it was something she could and liked to dance to

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Cristobal side smiled at her "Pleasure to make your aquaintaince, Miss. Black" He'd seen many of her dance work in person and heard about it from people's reviews.

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She laughed "Please call me Jane" she smiled sweetly. "And the pleasure is mine Cristobal" she nods, then took another sip of her drink, Jane looked behind her in case of anyone was there, no one. She sighed happily looking back at him

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"Like old friends it seems we are," he smiles and chuckles as he lifts his drink to his lips and takes a sip of it. The lights in the movie go off and the movie screen comes to life with movie trailers before the movie. He looked back over at her

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She grins and nods "Looks like we are" she whispered, then turned her attention to the movie, biting her lip to pass the time of the trailers, an old habit

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Cristobal let his mind wander as the trailers came across the scene. Several of the actors that were shown were aquaintances of his outside the movie set. The movie began and he let the plot of the movie and the personality of the characters fill his mind.

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She watched the movie happily sometimes looking at Cristobal. She drank her Pepsi until it was empty and watched the movie happily. It was nice to be with no paparazzi around.

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Cristobal settled into his seat comfortabley knowing that he wouldn't worry about the paparazzi, and that he could have a conversation with someone who didn't fret about his fame because they were just as famous

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After the movie was almost done, she felt a vibration on her jean pocket "Damn it" she muttered, not wanting to answer it. She tried to concentrate on the movie, but it kept vibrating, she rolled her eyes and took out the battery then stuffed the phone in her bag, she smirked

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Cristobal could her stuff her phone in her pocket out of the corner of his eye. He chuckled under his breath as he got out of his seat and grabbed his empty drink. "So what other plans do you have for today?"

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Jane thought for a bit "Free but I've got this music video for Usher at..." She looked at her watch "6 more hours" she said smiling "Hoe about you?" she asked standing up getting her bag and empty drink

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"I have to return to my recording studio later today to record a new single that will come out next week. Besides that, I"m free, quierda" He answered smiling back at her

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She raised an eyebrow "New single already? Wow....lucky you" she joked. Then smiled "Awesome..what are you going to do in the next few hours?" She asked curiously, throwing the drink in the bin

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He shrugged "I'm not exactly sure. I hadn't planned to do anything until the recording. I figured that the paparazzi would have had me cornered by now. I didn't want to make any plans and have them ruined." He looked over at her "How about yourself?"

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She shrugged "I was so stupid to forget to get a disguise so I guess I might just have to go someplace dark..like the laser tag arena" she smirked. "I just love it there..especially when no one can see you" she said adjusting her bag on her shoulder

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Cristobal chuckled and grinned at her as they left the theatre. He put his sunglasses back on as well as his hat. "You're going to fight off a team of skilled players all on your own?"

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"Unless you want in?" She said, smiling. Jane searched in her bag and found a wig that she wore for her last music video, it was a blonde one. She shrugged and put it on covering her brown curly hair

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Cristobal nodded his head and then saw her wearing the wig now. "You make a lovely blonde, rubia. And yes, I want in". He left the theatre with her

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Jane adjusted the wig "that's what I've been told and great" she looked around finding no paparazzi in sight. She sighed "Finally"

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"I almost wonder if the people that are the paparazzi actually enjoy their job, or are they forced to be nosey chismosos by the media"He said to her as he walked beside her now

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She laughed "I think it's a fifty fifty type of things, some like it other just are forced to" she sighed "My paparazzi are just rude and idiotas" she mutters

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"I know how that feels, quierda" he says to her looking over at her when she mutters about the paparazzi that follow her. "Anyway, let's not be so negative. we're going to have a good time, right?" he smiled at her

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She looked up at him smiling, then nods "Course we are cause I'm gonna beat you" she teased, lightly punching his shoulder.

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"Asumido el reto," he side smiled and winked. "I'm not afraid to play against a fear competitor such as yourself"

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She folded her arms across her chest "Challenge accepted, señor" she smiled "Que gane el mejor" she began walking to the laser tag arena

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