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Halle (thepotterhead) Well we are in LA.

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Crys walked along the beach, debating.

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Melody was near the waters, reading. She laughed out loud and started fanning herself.

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Crys took off her prized maroon converse and favorite red jacket, then began wading into the cold water.

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Melody kept on reading, then suddenly, she froze. "Your such an idiot!" She burst out loud.

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Crys flinched and looked back, noticing the girl. Well, one witness didnt matter. She walked further into the water until it was up to her neck.

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Angry, she slammed the book shut and glared at it. When she set the book down beside her and looked out in the water, she spotted the head of a girl. She decided that it wouldn't hurt to call out to her, "HEY! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!!!"

((Gtg for a couple for about 10 min. Brb!))

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She turned around, looking at Melody. Crys waved, then pushed herself from the wet sand, farther out. She sunk beneath the surface. Crys pulled her knees up as she settled like a rock at the bottom of that patch of ocean. She couldnt see anything, but every few moments, she would feel a fish tale or something of the like on her skin. Her lungs began to ache as they searched for air, but there was none to find. Her instinct kicked in and she opened her mouth to breath, the water stinging.

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((.... thx for abandoning me...))

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((SORRY!!!!!! That took a lot longer than I expected.....are you still on?))

She waited for the girl to come up. She didn't. Know she started freaking out. She immediatly jumped into the ocean and swam towards the place where she saw the girl last. She dived deeper and her hands finally hit something that felt like an arm. She grabbed the girl and pulled her up to the surface, gasping for breath.

((Sorry........apparantly I have to get off of the computer......message me when you are on again!!! (if even you are on now....) ))

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((I am still on :P))

Crys struggled against her, but she was losing conciousness... That made her happy a bit. She saw black spots as she opened her eyes to the stinging salt water.

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((Lizzy is with me so we are going to both rp on my account!!!))

"You IDIOT!!!!" She pulled her above the surface and to the shore. "Do you want me to give you CPR? Because I don't really want to!"

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She lays there, limp, and unconscious.

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Melody groaned, "Fine! Don't answer me!" She began to do CPR.

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Crys choked up a heck of a lot water then laid there breathing for a moment. Finally she said,"What the shi- did you do that for?"

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She rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, "What do you think?"

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"God. Why the hell did you do that?!" She rolledover so that she was on her stomach looking at the sand.

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She stood up, flabberghasted. "I am not going to sit there and watch some person die in front of me! What kind of person do you think I am!"

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"I wished you would be a saint and just let me die."

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"A saint?! Letting you die would not make me a saint, it would make me a murderer you idiot!"

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She groaned. "Whatever. It doesnt matter...."

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((Lizzy start?))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((O.O Say squirrels if you read this.))

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Crys stood up and walked off.

On a select area of the shore a stage was set up with lights and a waiting audience. An announcer walked onto the stage, a mic held in his hands. "I'm Michael, hi." The audience cheered. "Um, I don't know why you are cheering, I am of no actual importance, but... I am here to tell you that The Killers ((Yes, Kate, there is a band already called the Killers)) are unable to perform for you tonight and you will be refunded your tickets if you like. However, you should stick around because we have a new band coming." Boos erupted at the announcement, but they ajtomatically quieted a bit. A few people already decided to leave and were getting theirmoney back, but the majority stuck around.

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((Killerz....))

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((I know, you spell it with a z, but.... ya know.))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((*shrugz*))

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((Any backup names for us?))

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((And yes Kat. And my best friend here is in love with Brandon Flowers, the lead singer.. Of the Killers)

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((Kool! That works, right Kate?))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((Mhm. And may I say Sam, that's awesome. XP The name of the group?))

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((I really wanna name my band that. And it reminds me of her. (Madison Kate Kat...)))

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((Wow. Lesbian moment. And yes!))

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Kate Kid (katekid) ((Haha! Love ya too Sam!))

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Cherry pulled onto the sand, soaring across it, parking only 15 feet from the back of the stage. "Everybody, out!" Lucas hurried out, Cherry in the lead.

Michael met Cherry at the stairs to the stage and gave her a hug. "Great! You made it! Kay, no sound checks, just hook up. Wait! Name?"

Breathlessly, she replied,"Fragments of Pieces."

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Kate Kid (katekid) Lexa walks out, holding her bass and hooks up, her teal hair bright and shiny.

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Bandit hugged her guitar and jogged after them, holding a pick between her teeth and taking the sound things.

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Michael stood under the precinium. "Here, I present to you, FRAGMENTS OF PIECES!!!"

The audience cheered a bit, then looked curiously behind the man as he walked off.

Cherry looked towards Lexa to begin talking. Glancing at her ready bandmates.

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((I'm playing two gigs at once on RP, haha!!!))

Bandit hovered near them, her fingers dancing anxiously up the neck of her guitar. She looked at the others, getting into the same vibe.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Lexa walks up, "Sup people! So, some of you may recognize us, or, if you don't. Good. Then we gotta clean slate. Enjoy." She winks.

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Lucas couldnt stop smirking.

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Bandit posteriors her fingers on the frets and gets ready to hit the opening chords. She wasn't sure what song they were gonna okay, though.

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((Announce a song Kate (; ))

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((Haha yes!))

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Kate Kid (katekid) Lexa gives um the thumbs up, not knowing what to say, it's just the sign to start playing, her heart races, they didn't have a sound check. She starts playin' her bass ((Pick a song, I don't care.))

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Lucas yelled into his own mic. "This song is called Breaking Point."

((Random name..))

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(('Original' or cover?))

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Bandit waits for Cherry to count them in, her face showing a huge grin.

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One, two, three, four.. She pounded out a beat.

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