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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Jester rushed behind a tree. It wasn't the best place to hide, though, but it was better than nowhere. He steadied his breathing, trying to calm himself from hyperventilating. The grass rustled as one of the infected slowly roamed around the forest, searching its prey from tree to tree. Jester gripped his hatchet tightly as his knuckles turned chalk white. On three...one...two...three! Jester sprang into action with his hatchet raised over his head. His medical bag was flying from behind him as he sprinted towards the undead. With a great swing, Jester could feel the hatchet dug inside its skull and into its brain. The zombie stumbled down lifelessly onto the ground as blood trickles to the grass.

Jester pulled back up his hatchet, wiped the blood out from the blade to the grass, then kneeled down beside the corpse. "Oh, I hope I get something good this time," he mumbled to himself. He started looting the corpse, then sighed in relief. He got out a wallet with 10 dollars inside. "I hope they still sell some snack bars in Walmart," he joked. In the distance, a car alarm suddely switched on. The loud siren suddenly got Jester jerk up and flee away from the sound, knowing that it was best not to stay too close to it. He ran fast in the thick forest again, not knowing where else to go this time...

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent wandered around cautiously.She held her combat knife tightly as she walked.

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments "I freakin' hate this life!" Jester wanted to scream, to vomit his lungs out, but he wasn't that foolish to do so. He continued roaming around to what he though was endless vast of trees. No fruits, no edible bugs, not even flowers were visible. Gosh, Jester thought. Grandma loves tulips.

Jester was about to sit down behind a tree when suddenly the bushes from afar ruffled. In his instinct, Jester pinned himself to the tree trunk and peeked at the bushes, like a spy peering over an enemy. Scrutinizing behind the trunk, Jester saw a young girl, most definitely younger than him, came out of the bushes while holding and twirling her knife. She seems like a normal girl to anyone's eye, but to Jester, she was far more than normal. She had those black hair tied in side bundles with strands flowing out, a frowning brows, and a pistol sheathed to her belt. But it was her eyes that caught Jester's attention, and he'd seen those eyes many times before. "Hatred," Jester reminded himself.

Unknown to what he would do, Jester slowly came out behind the tree with his hands up to a surrender. The girl stopped on her tracks and started scanning Jester from limb to limb.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent looked at him "who are you?"She asked

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Jester made a long pause, further studying the girl that held a knife. She may be young, but he will be expecting that she can throw her lethal weapon straight to his heart. "Jester," he cautiously said and moved down his raised arms to his side. "I'm kinda lost here in the woods. Do you know the way out?"

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent shook her head "im kinda lost to" she said

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Jester took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay." It was a relief to find someone alive in the middle of the woods, though they weren't really in a great place to stay for too long. He had to admit, he did had a fear of being lost, but that phobia passed when this whole apocalypse started. "Wanna walk out the woods with me?" he asked.

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent nodded and put her knife in her back pocket

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments It was awkward walking to nowhere with a stranger who you've met a couple of minutes ago. But Jester decided to break the ice. "So," he said. "What's your name?"


"How did you end up in here?" But before Argent could utter a sound, they stopped dead on their tracks when vivid groans were heard from the distance. Jester quickly grabbed on Argent's wrist and pulled her behind the tree with him: Jester's favorite hiding spot.

Peering behind the tree trunk, two groups of the infected came out from two opposite directions, roaming around like a lost parade. Jester and Argent studied each other's eyes. "You take the right, and I'll go with the left." Argent nodded. The quantity of each group seems easy enough to extinguish it on their own. And Jester doubts that Argent was one of those whimpy kids. She just looks so tough and confident.

Holding his hatchet, Jester took out bands of gauze cloth from his medical bag and started wrapping it around on his hands. Punching wouldn't hurt the zombies, but at least he could buy some time. After he was done, Argent started to count on whispers.

"One...Two...Three!" They dashed from behind the tree and charged in opposite directions. Jester sprinted with his hatchet on hand, and made a powerful blow on the first zombie. And then the next, and then the next, and then the next. Blood squirted from the heads as Jester took them out. The grass was literally tinted with fresh blood.

Argent seems to be doing okay, though Jester didn't had time to check on her. From the sounds she make with her combat knife, it seems like it was a normal day to her, fighting zombies and all.

When it came to the last zombie on Jester's side, he felt confident. The undead tried to grab him with its hands, but Jester quickly side-stepped to his left and chopped on its leg. The one-legged zombie stumbled down, still groaning with his face planted in the grass. Jester took the opportunity to kill it with a final blow, raising up his hatchet to the highest, and decapitating it like an executioner.

By the time he was finished, a sudden moaning from his back made him hesitant. His reflexes kicked. He spun to his back and raised his hatchet with both of his hands into a defensive position from his attacker.

It was an ambushing zombie that almost bit him from the back. But now with Jester's hatchet raised, its mouth was gagged with the hatchet's handle. The undead tried to clutch on Jester's throat, but somehow it was weak enough to choke Jester to death.

Backing up a few paces with his hatchet's handle being chewed, he clumsily stumbled down from one of the lying corpses. "Damn!" He thought. He landed the blood-stained grass with the zombie on top of him. The pistol would be great by now, but it was still inside his medical bag. One false move with his hands pushing against the zombie, and he'll be dead meat himself. He took a deep breath and called Argent in desperation.

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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent turned and looked at him. Delivering a final blow to the infected victim infront of her,she pulled her gun out and shot the undeads head a couple of times.She looked at the undead guy before running over and pulling it off of Jester

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Jester kept his hold on his hatchet, being pinned down to the ground with a zombie on top of him. "Argent!" He called.

Argent took out her pistol and finished the undead, until finally she came to his aid. She grabbed the zombie by its collar shirt, pulled it back away from Jester, pointed her gun on its head, and pulled the trigger. She then sheathed back her pistol and turned to Jester, offering her hand. "You okay?"

Jester took her hand and stood up. "Yeah. Got a bit of saliva on my face, though," he said, wiping it off with his hands.

They were once again came back to realization that they were completely and utterly lost. They stood there awkwardly silent and observed the forest. Corpses lying everywhere, dripping in blood and causing it to create a stream. Before one of them could talk, they heard groaning again, together with the sound of the rustling of bushes and grass. They stared the sound coming from the south. To their horror, a huge zombie horde was coming on their way.

"Oh god," Jester swore. "We caused too much attraction." Argent's pistol did, but Jester couldn't blame her of using it, especially when she used it on saving his life. Jester grab hold on Argent's wrist once again, and both dashed further inside the woods, not knowing where to go.

"Run, run, run, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN!" Jester mumbled as they, well, ran. He was worried Argent might lose him, but she was quick enough to follow. They turned and sprinted from tree to tree, and the zombies were still behind their tail. Did the infected also run that fast?

They were already panting heavily. Fortunately, they found a dirt track that leads to somewhere. Argent looked at Jester. "Follow it?" she asked, her head jerking to the direction of the dirt track.

"What other choice do we have?" They continued to sprint, following the road to the unknown. After a couple of yards away, they stopped on their feet to find three intersecting paths and a sign board nailed to the tree. Jester read it aloud.

"Oki'da Town on the North. Radiation Darkness Road on the West. And Northern Cataka Gate on the East." Jester faced Argent with confusion and nervousness. "I don't have a god damn clue of any of these places, nor why would someone call a road 'Radiation Darness' like it's a big thing, so I'll be leaving the choice to you." He looked back to the sign board and studied it again. "Where do you think we should go?"

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments "Lets try Northern Cataka Gate" Argent said.She didn't have any idea where these places lead but they needed somewhere to go other than staying in the forest.I hope its not a dead end

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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Jester nodded in agreement. "Hey, maybe we could find some place to stay there, too." They both walked towards to the East and followed the dirt path to Northern Cataka Gate. Funny, Jester thought. Moving to the East, yet it's still named Northern Cataka Gate.

(let's move to the "Northern Cataka Gate" thread )

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Argent nodded and followed beside him
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