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Ruiisu Name: Ruiisu

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: A tall young man with a calm and able maintain to keep composure in stressful situation. Luck is usually on this side during battle. People usually wonder "I can't decide if he's an idiot or a genius." Some of his flaws are trouble to sleep at night due to the nightmares of loosing his family and a phobia of the ocean.



Backstory/Life-Story: After the apocalypse I lost my family my wife Athena and my daughter Eos. It drove me trying to be stronger by training physically and reading any book I can get my hands on. I changed code I live by to protect the innocent. Now searching a new place to live.

Works for the military...?: To be RP'd

Clan + Rank: To be RP'd

Weaponry: Dagger, Katana, Bow

Pets: Wolf, Rora

Friends: None

Family: They are all dead.

Children: Deceased

Crush/Mate: Deceased

Job: Computer programer/IT

Grade: ???

School: Some college

Others: Please let me know if I need to edit anything. Thank you!

How would you rate yourself as a roleplayer?: 

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Ruiisu Thanks! Yes, Please help! I am not sure how to start haha...

Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 20 comments Name:Argent



Personality:quiet,calm.Loses temper easily.

Appearance: Photobucket

Backstory/Life-Story:Argent grew up with two older brothers.She grew up tough and more of a tomboy,being the only female child.She had a normal childhood until her mother grew ill and died.She lived with her father and brothers.

Works for the military...?:No

Clan + Rank:TBRP'D

Weaponry:Combat knife,Pistol


Friends:None so far






School:A middle school


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Jester Plays (jesterplays) | 18 comments Name: Jester Plays

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, quiet, and independent yet has a lot of fears that mostly petrifies him

Appearance: messy jet black hair, black eyes, 5'6", light tanned

Backstory/Life-Story: Jester lived most of his life in humiliation. He never met his parents after he was born and his grandmother took care of him herself. In grade school, other kids pick on him for being thin and small. He was an honor kid, yes, but he doesn't even have friends nor aquantances that exceeds beyond the number of his fingers. By the time he was 10, his grandmother had passed away, leaving him with no choice but to move in with his foster parents. It was hell for him. But then the day came that changed his life: The Apocalypse, as they say. His school had started flooding with flesh-eating zombies, and there was no where to run. But Jester had a better idea than to run: hide inside the janitor's closet. So he did. He sprinted for his life and went inside the small, filthy room and locked the door shut. Shivering, he sat in silence as he heard his classmates and teachers screaming and their flesh being torn apart. After a few hours, Jester de ided to climb out of the window towards the outside world. Squeezing in the narrow window, he crashed down the garbage and landed softly. A few blocks away, he saw groups of people were evacuating to the subways. With this little hope for survival, Jester ran and called for help. The mob saw him and was glad to find another survivor. By then, Jester had finally found a safe haven from the treacherous world. But what happens after 5 years? After his only HOME meets disaster?

Works for the military...?: No.

Clan + Rank: None.

Weaponry: Hatchet, pistol, medical bag

Pets: None.

Friends: None.

Family: He never knew his parents, relatives, nor other kinship.

Children: None.

Crush/Mate: None.

Job: Student.

Grade: 10th

School: High School

Others: has phobias for spiders, and is quite picky in food :))

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Dr.stein stein | 1 comments Name:John Strange

Age: 18


Personality: Has been alone most of life until the zombie apocolypse where he found. (will be back to finnish)



Works for the military...?:

Clan + Rank:











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Parker | 1 comments Name: Simon Penderghast

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Very quiet at first at first until you get to know him, then he is talkative and sometimes obnoxious. Often tries to do nice things that usually end up badly. He really likes knives. He also hates it when people confuse "Your", and "You're" as well as "They're", "Their", and "There"

Appearance: Dark brown hair, Brown-ish eyes, average skin, but bad complexion. Medium weight. Overall, average.

Backstory/Life-Story: Simon Used to live quite well. He had a trampoline, so you know it was great. Until the Zombies came, he was able to rescue his younger sister named Deliah, but their parents were eaten

Works for the military...?: No, and has no plans to either.

Weaponry: Large metal hammer, a butterfly knife, and flare gun.

Pets: A Black lab named Modi

Friends: John Strange (If granted permission)

Family: Dead

Children: None

Crush/Mate: None so far

Job: Killing Zombies while taking care of his 8 yr. old sister

Grade: 9th

School: It burned down

Others: Thinks that he knows how the zombie apocalypse works, since he has played Resident evil, Left 4 Dead, and Half Life.

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