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Every 23rd Spring
For 23 Days
It gets to eat

And what does it eat?

Well read on for further info.


He scares people, because he can smell something in people, something that tells him if there is something in them, that he'll like.

If there is something in someone that he'll like, he will not stop until he gets them. Then he'll take them to "The house of pain." (See Place info for info about the house of pain) Once he has taken them to the house of pain, he kills them, then takes what he wants from them (if he wants something internal he'll cut them open first, then take it, and then sew them back up), then he'll use the body for whatever he wants.

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His Truck

With this liscence plate on the back

[image error]

The truck, which he has worked on himself, can go well over 100 mph.

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What it eats and why

Eyes: To See
Hearts: To be able to endure more (PS it has already eaten thousands of hearts from its previous times on earth)
Brains: To think
Heads: For a "back up head" (his head gets damaged or comes off, he replaces it)
Hands/arms/feet/legs: for "back up hands/arms/feet/legs"

You get the idea

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