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Who Would Win?
Josiane Claremont Josiane Dec 28, 2012 05:01PM
So coming off of a previous discussion...Who would win in a demigod fight?

Percy vs. Jason
Annabeth vs. Piper
Leo vs. Frank
Hazel vs. ???(Coach Hedge???!)

Or any other combination!!!

I don't really know on this one, it could go either way

uh, percy I hope, but jasons pretty good
Annabeth, no doubt there
Id hope Leo, but then again Frank has those shapeshifting powers
and Hazel...

Percy.( close one..)
Hmmm...... I don't know Frank maybe... Could go either way!
Hazel maybe..

Lets just hope we never find out for real on who would win these battles....:)

1- Percy. Duh.
2- Annabeth. Smarts.
3- Leo can set himself on fire. A no dur.
4- ((Hazel vs Nico)) Nico. More experience.

Percy. Annabeth. Leo. and Coach Hedge...he's bad ass...even if he is half goat ;)


Clara (last edited Dec 28, 2012 06:14PM ) Dec 28, 2012 06:13PM   -1 votes
Percy (No duh.)
Annabeth (Piper can't fight.)
Frank (He can turn into a dragon!)
Hazel (She has Arion.)

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