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message 1: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) This topic is where you post possible heists for Lifted and who are going to be apart of them. 

If it requires people with specialties, you must include them. Say you needed someone golden with tech, then you'll need to say:

Technologist: List person here

Make it extensive. It will need to have some backbone to be accepted as a job since if it's poorly constructed it might be busted. 

message 2: by Savannah W ~ (last edited Dec 28, 2012 05:34PM) (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Job: Ruther's Volt Break

Info: a simple volt extraction. It will be executed by going in through the building to the left of Ruther's Bank. Poor construction on their part made it so the basement of the building was only separated by a thick layer of concert to the volt itself of the Bank. 

So, by disarming the alarms for a few minutes and having quiet, precise explosives in the basement of the building, break into the volt should be easy. 

Those on the job already:

Explosive specialist: Carolina Vex ((over job as well))

Technologist(s): Alec and Alexander. One will be disarming the alarms while the other will be focused on keeping the cameras along the streets offline.

Extra Hands: Janelle


A Lookout: 


If you're interested in the lookout position reply below. 

message 3: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments And Alexander can help with the technology

message 4: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Mitch wrote: "And Alexander can help with the technology"

Ill put Alexander as a co worker for tech with Alec

message 5: by Pebbles (new)

Pebbles | 88 comments :) ok cool

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