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Demanifesting if like dragoning down, manifeseting is like dragoning up.
Draki manifest for the first time when they are around the age of 11 or 12.
They must live near/around rich soil and must have plenty of water for their skin.(Forests greeny places)
Gems give Draki energy and Draki crave to be around them, like they're ancesters did. They have family gems that are passed generation through generation.
Manifesting usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. They manifest when they have strong feelings and find it hard to demanifest when they have strong feelings too. Demanifesting is quicker when they don't really have strong feelings.
Draki live in prides, consisting of a King and royal family.
Draki blood is purple in color and shimmers in the light.
Their hair color in human form matches up with their scale colors. Like red or blond or brown.
Draki can kill their Draki self and become totally human by not manifesting and living in a dry environment.
Draki have tought skin but are vulnurable in their wings.
If a draki does not manifest in their childhood, they are considered regular humans and are ignored by the pride. Sometimes they manifest really late like 14 or 15 which is considered late but if 16 or 17 then that's considered really late.
Another word for draki that didn't demanifest yet is a defunked draki or something like that.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that Draki do not fly in the daytime; if they do, they can be caught by hunters.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) thought you might like to add something about 'Bonding'

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Good idea :P

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Dragons are said to mate for life, and since the draki are descendents of these mighty creatures, the same custom is authorized.
Bonding binds two mates to one another, making them able to feel each others every emotion; no matter how strong or week.
Unfortunately, when a draki has bonded they can feel there mate's pain, and a sharp emptiness when they die or are killed.
The connection is often stronger then love, which is how an arranged marriage would occur. But love can still over power it, but nothing can break it.

The bonding ceremonies takes place in the Flight Field. The two mates walk into the center of the field (being watched by everyone in the pride) then remove the robes they were given as cloths, relieving there naked bodies. they remove there gems from there family boxes and place them in the same box (there new family gem box). They then manifest into there draki forms and fly up into the sky.
This is the last flight they take as individuals, and the first they take as "one". They fly in sequence, Going up so high no one can see them, then plummeting back down together in each others arms. Before they reach the ground they slow themselves down, end touch down as bonded draki.
(basically they put the gems in a box, ascend into the sky as two and descend to the ground as one)

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