City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3) City of Glass discussion

ABC Game!!!

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Aiyana Leigh B-Blackwell

Gabby Can you change the type of post this is? It would be batter as a 'discussion' post. Not a question one. The answers are going to get all mixed up.

Michael C- clary

Gabby Thank You :)

E- Excellent book

~Cassie~ F-Fangs (belonging to vampires)

Gabby H- Hurt

~Cassie~ J-Jace

Gabby J- Jonathan

Olivia k-killing ( theres a lot of that )

Michael N- Nephilim

~Cassie~ O-Oppressed. (The downworlders by the clave)

Michael P- Pyxis (the box that is guarded by the Shadowhunters in a institute)

Amanda Q-Quick

Ramanda R- Ragnor Fell (the warlock that was supposed to help Clary wake her mother up)

Michael S- Sabastion

Amanda T- Towers (Demon Towers)

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Inês V- Valentine

Michael W- werewolf

~Cassie~ X-Xtreme books

Turquoise Hall Y-Yossarian(Simon's Cat)

~Cassie~ Z-Zachariah(The Silent Brother)

Amanda A- Alexander Lightwood

Ramanda B- Bane (The amazing Magnus Bane)

Turquoise Hall Y-Yossarian(Simon's Cat)

Helemcole Z- Zachariah

Gabby ________________

A- Awesome series.

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Inês why did we jump so many leters? we went from B to Y

well i'll begin in C

C- Convenant

Panda06 D-Dare

Turquoise Hall My bad. My computer froze so it put it up twice.

E-Eric (Simon's friend in his band)

Panda06 F-Final Exams

Amanda G-Glass (City of Glass)

Etmaira Trinidad H-Heaven (because they are part angel)

Jazmin I- Isabell(one badass shadowhunting chick)

Amanda J- Jace<3

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kayt K- Kiss (there's a lot of romance in the book - malec, clace, simon & isabelle, etc.)

Amanda L-Love

Etmaira Trinidad M-Mortal Instruments

Amanda N-Night children

Ramanda O- Open portals (because sometimes they use portals)

Amanda P-Pentagon (that ritual used to call a demon)

Turquoise Hall R-Raphael

Amanda S-Simon

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Ana T-Target

Amanda U- Undefeated

Michael V- vampires

Aiyana Leigh W-What the hell. Probably what Clary was thinking when she first found out she was a Shadowhunter.

Amanda ugh!! X!
X-Xcruciating (excruciating)

Amanda Y-Young

Amanda Z-Zoo
Come on people!;)

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