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This is your starting point, you and your creature can now venture anywhere you would like but first.. . There is a thin stream that stretched out for miles, it is a dark forest with plenty of thick tree's.

Creatures you may come across;

Maples; small, wispy like creatures whom drops gifts whenever you need them. You cannot ask for anything, they simply drop them when they please. They are no bigger than a grown mans little finger.. they live to e around 200 years of age then die of natural causes.

Shradels; They are the tree's that move, they do not speak.. they simply move, sleep and eat the dirt and moss around them. They are strong creatures and are only hurtful to you when you put them in any kind of danger.. they grown to be around 700 years old and are fairly common although they do not come out of hiding very often to it is hard to spot what is a tree and what is a shradel.

Krefs; They are devious creatures, designed to steal from you, follow you and disorientate you. It is up to you what you do to stop this. They are small green elf-like creatures and they generally wear leaves and the undergrowth as clothing.. they grow to be around ten years old then die of natural causes, they are quite common creatures.

Yingils; They are slimy creatures, usually sit in marshes or any place damp/near water. They know anything and everything that go on in the forest and will communicate if you give them food, they live to be around 120 years old and aren't as common as you think.

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James landed on his back, three identical looking scratches started to bleed on his cheek as he groaned in pain. Greche, his companion whom was a Griffin, swooped down and started to lick his cheeks ''Stop!'' he ordered as he stood up right, stretching his back and the sound of cracking bones could be heard as he continued to stretch. ''I nearly had it! If that squirrel hadn't landed on my bow then I could have had a clear shot!'' he went on, a scowl took form over his expression. His Griffin made a laughing noise ''Wasn't my fault it threw me off track and made me fall.. I wasn't scared of it!'' he told him, trying to defend his motive for being scared of the squirrel.

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wanderer (chloemai) Lita snuck through the trees her hood overshadowing her face, her lips pursed as she gazed around the forest intently. It was rare that she left the confines of her house, but needs must and she needed to eat meat at some point. Although usually she would use the resorces and vegegtation around her and make do like that. Her moss green gaze swept across the the pathway, and at the sound of a voice quickly she swept behind a tree to avoid being seen. She didnt like people finding her. That was for sure, she couldnt stand the fact that others wanted her hood to be removed, for her face to be revealed.

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James started to trek forward, stepping inbetween rocks and trying to worm his way through the tree's with thin gaps. It was hunting season for him and his Griffin so for now they were both searching for some pheasants or maybe deer to hunt ''Greche? Could you fly above and circle the area?'' he asked, loading up his bow incase he saw something. Greche nodded and flew upwards ''Remember to call if you see something!'' he called up to his companion before turning and setting off on his search for food. He wore a leather backpack already carrying one dead pheasant in but he planned on carrying much more than that.

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wanderer (chloemai) Silas was crouched in the tree above her owner, still invisible of course. Lita peeked out from behind the trunk, her cloak still shawled her body as she then directed her gaze up toward her creature. Only Lita could see her in her invisible state, and so gave a distinct nod to which Silas understood. With this the panther crept through the undergrowth, only a slight rustle of sound being made by her pawsteps before she paused. Lita waited, her heart rate somewhat calm. She had faith in her animal, one thing which she shared with no other being.

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Greche could sense something in the tree's below and it wasn't James, he called down to James to let him know that he saw something. James turned around as he heard Greche and he stood next to a tree, blending in as well as he could. He put his hood up and raised his bow and arrow, squinting in the shadows of a tree waiting for the prey to stalk by.

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wanderer (chloemai) Silas slowly slinked further, her keen vison searching for prey as well as trying to avoid any other hunters. Luckily she was still invisible, but the weight of her body caused the undergrowth to sink slightly as she walked, although only those right beside her would be able to see.
Lita was waiting silently, her breathing barely audiable throughout the forest. She herself had a few throwing knives tucked into the palm of her hand, ready to use in necassary.

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Chloe-mai wrote: "Silas slowly slinked further, her keen vison searching for prey as well as trying to avoid any other hunters. Luckily she was still invisible, but the weight of her body caused the undergrowth to s..."

James' brow started to dampen, his feet gripped the floor and his knee's were bent slightly in case he needed to run. His eyes circulated the floor as the shadows protected his cover, although the Griffin did quite the opposite. He landed on the path in which the sunlight shone through the tree's, it was almost impossible to miss such a creature. He yawned and walked around in a circle, blinking and looking around at his surroundings.

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wanderer (chloemai) Silas' ears twitched slightly and she instantly turned to James' hiding spot, although due to her power she was not visible to his eyes. She regarded him closley, her mouth slightly open as she searched for other scents around the forest before taking another step toward the shadows. Her head turned as the Griffen appeared beside her owners hiding spot and instantly she felt the urge to run back to her, but knew that she couldnt on the circumstances that she would make to much noise.
Lita's eyes widened slightly as the Griffen landed just beside her spot in front of the tree and instantly she pressed her back flat against the trunk, beginning to scale around it slowly, as to make sure her feet were silent. Her heart rate had sped up slightly although she desperatley tried to calm herself chanting that the creature hadnt seen her at all.

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James looked at Greche and nodded ''You hear anything? I could some scent right infront.. whatever enchantments they might be, I think its someone trying to throw us off track'' he mumbled to his Griffin, whilst it listened intently ''Lets backtrack'' he whispered as James steadily turned around, still armed with his deadly bow he scanned the forest for any sudden movements.

Greche stood his ground and sniffed the air, his eyes locked on the spot where Lita stood. He knew full well something was there but he just stood, sniffed and stared with big curious eyes.

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wanderer (chloemai) Silas watched gaze set on James, hanging off of his every word, yellow eyes gleaming. They had yet to attack, but she could see now that the Griffn had discovered her owners hiding spot, and she could feel her own heart rate beginning to increase because of Lita's own nerves. It probably didnt help matters that the boy still had bow in hands, although the panther was aware that her owner was a deadly opponent with her throwing knives. She began making her way back toward her owner, body low to the ground, still keeping up her invisibility.
Lita's fingers were gripping onto the bark of the tree as if it were the only connection she had left to life itself. She knew she had been found, knew the owner of the Griffn would be there soon enough and double checked that her face was unseen with her hood on before shooting a glance in Silas' direction.

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James turned around ''Greche.. come on buddy, we got animals to hunt'' he hissed, careful not to disturb any neighboring animals. He walked backwards until he came back to back with his griffin, Greche growled and moved into a crouching position. James shot his glance sidewards towards where Greche was growling, he didn't move a muscle of his body excluding his eyes. He frowned and steadily lowered his bow, he sighed and whispered ''I hope your right''.

He reached his hand into his pocket and picked up some dirt that had accumulated inside the material of his trousers. Slowly and with caution he blew it in the air, the dust surrounded the invisible figure and to his amazement he saw a silhouette take form. He gasped but froze in his position.

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wanderer (chloemai) A low growl formed in Silas' throat, having been unmasked by the dirt which she promptly shook off of her coat, returning to her invisible state and quickly vanishing to the tree where she was met by Lita, whom quickly bent down, murmuring soft words to soothe her panthers somewhat injured pride. The panther herself now revealed herself, rubbing the scarred side of her face against her owner.

Lita again peeked out from behind the tree, gaze somewhat irritated as she scratched Silas behind the ear lovingly. She still would refuse to approach them, instead settling herself into a kneeled postition on the ground as again her panther turned invisible to everybody but her.

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James stumbled backwards and landed on the floor as he saw the sillouette move behind a tree, he knew there must be more than one thing out there so he stared ahead in amazement. Greche didn't seem to impressed so he barked insesently at the tree.

''Shh.. calm down boy, whatever it is we better lie low'' he whispered, soothing the growing quieter barks coming from his companion. He stroked his wings and he eventually calmed down, they both stood there. Not quite sure what they were waiting for but they waited.

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wanderer (chloemai) Lita gazed down at Silas, pursing her lips slightly, everything had now gone silent except from the few barks the Griffen gave out, revealing to her that both it and the human were still there. Her panther, of course was not to pleased about the situation as it looked up at her, its scarred face matching her own.
They quickly divised a plan between the two of them. Silas, still in her invisible state, crept from behind the tree placing herself smack bang in front of the Griffen and the human. Waiting for the right moment she growled lowly to take them by suprise. Lita took this oppitunity and ran, her cloak sweeping out behind her as she darted through the trees.

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James jumped to his feet and broke out into a sprint, heading straight forward following the cloak that floated through the forest. Although James was very strong he was also lean and agile, having years of practice chasing after his prey. His bow was slung around his torso and he gripped two of his many arrows in one hand.

Greche knelt down to the floor and closed his eyes, listening for the breathing of the animal in front. He could hear it breathing heavily so he knew something was there, he was scared but was ready to fight in order to protect his owner.

((Wouldn't it be cool if an enchantment bound them together somehow so they always had to be next to each other, like a rope or something? But they find each other super annoying but eventually something happens..?))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Yea! Thats an awesome idea.
So eventually something happens between them?
James could not like the fact that she wont let him see her face or something? That and the fact he doesnt like that she doesnt act like other women? C:))

Lita could hear him, hear his footsteps and was thankful then that her mother had forced her to dance all those years ago. It provided her with agility, balance and provided her with the litheness of the dancer. That and the fact that her father had been a farmer, and she had helped him out alot which meant that physically she was in tip top shape. She knew she could outrun him, and the knives were still clasped in her hands as she turned sharply. She realised her error then, seeing as if she strayed to far from the path she wouldnt find her way back to the house. She only paused for a moment before beginning to scale the tree in front of her, climbing about halfway before resting in one of the branches.

Silas was stuck between a rock and a hard spot. She wanted to follow her owner, yet at the same time she could never back down to a challenge. She didnt want to attack, not really. But again let out another warning growl as if telling the Griffen not to come any closer.

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((Yeah! but first, how should they get tied together? So then I know what to say next))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Maybe it could be a gift from a maple. Like they are meant to be together, and the maple just helped it along a little. But neither of them can see how it could possibly be a gift?))

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((Yeah! Okay.. do you want to be the maple?))

James chuckled as he noticed the figure crawl up the tree ''Wrong move!'' he boomed, climbing up after it. He spent half his life up tree's, he was completely in his element there although squirrels never helped the situation. He hooked himself onto a branch and watched the figure pirch itself onto a branch and he watched it curiously why has it stopped? he thought does it know i'm here? he pondered, letting his body lean forward to get a closer look.

The griffin opened it's eyes and stood up straight away, it's eyes were narrowed and his body pumped with adrenaline. He started to growl, his eyes darting around the floor looking for footprints, if they were visible on the grass.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Im not really sure how to RP it,could you? Sorry :S))

Seeing him follow, Lita climbed higher untill she was sure that the tree wouldnt be able to support his weight, and barely supported her own. She wasnt to fond of being followed, certainly not by somebody as clearly persistant as this person was. Her hands gripped onto the trunk of the tree, shaking slightly. She couldnt think for the life of her why he was following. Surely he had hunting to be doing?

Another growl escaped Silas' throat as she skillfully stalked around the Griffin, her footsteps silent against the floor. She brushed against its back legs, testing what its reaction would be.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((You still there? C:))

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((Yeah that's fine :) just give me the heads up when you think it should float past))

James frowned ''Hey! I can't follow you much further because I gotta warn you.. there are some tricky branches up there that might snap'' he called up, hoping that whoever this guy was, would fall. So maybe then he could out-smart somebody, his none-verbal animal seemed better at that. This hunter had a very petite body shape but he hadn't seen any woman act like that before so he was pretty sure that this person ought to be atleast human, if that a male.

Greche's eyes follow Silas' footsteps on the ground, a growl escaped his lips every now and again until he felt a brush on the back of his legs. He jumped forward and flew up into the air, his heartbeat was pounding and his adrenaline quickly replaced itself to fear.

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wanderer (chloemai) Lita rolled her eyes beneath the hood, now getting settled on the branch. She looked down at the knives in her hands, flipping through them and reading the symbols on each. She chewed on the inside of her lip, knowing that eventually he would have to leave;She would just have ti wait him out until then. Or at least until Silas turned up, which she hoped was soon so she could get down from this damned tree.

Silas let out another growl leaping into the air and catching the Griffins legs, not with her claws, just with the pads of her paws hoping that this would finally scare it away.

((Maybe Greche should scratch Silas or something and because Lita would feel that she says something?))

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((Yeah okay!))

James rolled his eyes ''Not going to speak, huh?'' he asked, taking a comfortable position of the branch. He layed on his back and stared up into the tree's, watching the hunters every move. He wondered if whatever was back there was his creature, it must have been a creature, if not then the forest was more scary than he first anticipated.

Greche growled and widened his eyes, he swooped down, snarling at the creature, he waved his claws hopelessly in the air hoping to catch whatever thing it was below him.

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wanderer (chloemai) Silas growled as the Griffins claws caught the soft pad of her paw, instantly drawing blood which consequently dripped to the floor under her feet. Another snarl and a shake of the panthers head, clear that she was now injured.

Lita looked down at her throwing knives again, only to see a line of red forming on the palm of her hand, the pain began to hit afterwards.
"Bloody hell." She exclaimed, cradelling her injured hand to her cloak, her mind now on Silas and if she was ok.

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James' mouth flung open, it was a girl. Bloody hell? he thought ''British and a girl!'' he mumbled to himself, staring into the leaves in amazement.

Greche snarled and flew away from the creature, calling out into the tree's hoping his owner would hear his calls.

((I'll be off for a while, celebrating the new years! I'll reply as soon as I can))

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wanderer (chloemai) Lita winced, touching the cut on her hand lightly with a frown, now pouting. How could she possibly get down from the tree now? She was injured, as was her creature, and she was stuck in a hard spot.
"Damned Griffin." She muttered loudly, still grimancing as the wound dripped blood.

Silas growled, heading in the direction her owner was in as swiftly as possible-which really wasnt that quickly as she limped through the undergrowth.

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James called back to his Griffin, letting him know where he was but then his ears started to burn ''Damned what? he demanded the girl. He wasn't usually so impolite but that comment really hit a nerve.

Greche landed on the top branch of the tree, his wings were still flapping so not much pressure was pressed onto the tree but at least he could scan the situation from a higher point of view.

A maple flew through the branches, holding a silver piece of rope in her angelic hands. She smiled at the different animals she passed, many of them bowed in her presence but she carried on flying up in the air towards Lita. She dropped the rope on the branch beside Lita but the end of the rope landed on a branch next to James' head.

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wanderer (chloemai) "I said your damned griffin." Lita repeated snappily, her jaw set into a pout.
"It bloody well scratched me." Ok, it had indirectly cut her. But it still hurt an awful lot. She wasnt used to communicating with other humans, so consequently didnt know how to act around others in what would be described as a 'polite' manner.

Silas eventually made her way to the tree, pacing arouned the trunk, her head raised before she swiftly ran up it, growling every time her paw caught on the bark. She perched herself on Lita's branch, although it barely swayed. She still remained invisible to anybody else.

Lita looked up slightly, catching sight of something silver glinting in the light. She frowned, her brow creasing as she looked at Silas checking her creature was ok before inspecting the silver thing further.


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wanderer (chloemai) ((BAM! *Tsk Tsk* xD))

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James shook his head ''What are you talking about? If your talking about the connection you have with your creature then i'm sorry.. Greche only attacks when being provoked!'' he told her truthfully, quite aggravated by the situation. He frowned and grabbed the rope that was on the branch ''and what the hell is this for?!'' he exclaimed as the Maple flew away almost disappearing into the wind.

Greche growled as he felt the presence of the invisible creature climb up the tree. He flew up into the air and decided to hover rather than sit on the tree's branches.

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((Not too drunk to RP ;) ))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Im waiting for the jumbled words to start ;D))

"Do you see any injures on your Griffin whatsoever? No, I didnt think so. Clearly its your creatures fault." Lita replied icily, picking up the rope by the branch she was sitting on and replying to his second exclaimation.
"How in christs name am I supposed to know?" She all but shouted down at him, studying the rope closely.

Silas also let out a growl, looking up at the Griffin, teeth bared slightly before she looked back at her owner.

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The ends of the rope curled around in their hands and it turned into silver pieces of chain, it secured itself onto their wrists for the enchantments states:

for whomever is the bestowed of the chain
can only be released
by a true loves first kiss
may the chain come in use for the future
creating new stories, bringing people together
for now and forever
until the chain is lost

''It doesn't even matter'' he sighed, thinking he dropped the chain but instead it stayed tight on his wrist ''What the..'' he yanked at one side but it was on that tight he couldn't fit a finger through any of its gaps. He grabbed a knife from his back pocket and began to hack at the chain, with each stroke of the knife a bright light glowed and the chain remained looking untouched. I'm sure it was rope a second ago.. he murmured to himself, ignoring the annoying girl further up the tree.

Greche still flew above the tree's, feeling a tight sensation on his wrist and wondered what James was doing down there.

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wanderer (chloemai) Lita moved her hand across her body, only to feel a confining sensation on her wrist, followed by yanking. She pulled her wrist a bit further, only to feel the chain tugging her hand back.
"What the hell?" She exclaimed her jaw set.
"What in lords name is this." She questioned, studying the rope-turned-chain that had attatched itself to her skinny wrist-almost like a bracelet.
"What is gods name did you do?" She called down to the boy, hood still concealing her face as she continued to try slip her hand from the sliver chains grasp.

Silas growled slightly, shaking her paw slightly as the tugging continued to attack her own wrist.

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James frowned as he followed the chains trail up the tree, it stopped on her wrist ''What did I do? what did you do!'' he screeched, starting the climb the tree after her. ''First you insult my creature and now you blame me for this?!'' he bellowed, pointing at the chain that seem to grow shorter the closer he got to her. James was oblivious to this but he carried on climbing anyway.

Greche flew down into the tree's, past Silas, James and Lita and he landed on all four paws on the ground. He scratched at his wrist, licking it and also rubbing it against the bark of a nearby tree.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Stop getting near me you freak, your chain is bloody well getting shorter. Undo it now." She demanded angrily, being forced to climb higher so as not to let the chain get to close.
"What the hell?" She exclaimed again, yanking on the silver thread that was holding them together.
"How do I get this off?" She exclaimed, keen green eyes rubbing the short chain against the tree bark, attempting to snap it.
"And your creature harmed mine. You bafoon. Your the one that followed me!"

Silas let out another low growl as James approached, a small yet mighty roar erupting from her mouth, moving to where he was climbing to stop him getting any higher or nearer to her owner.

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''Quit yanking it!'' he shrieked ''Every time you crawl up it's pulling me with you, so if I snap and branch and fall then it's your funeral too!'' he explained. ''If you'd stop squirming then maybe we could sort this out..'' he sighed, still climbing the tree, now three branches below her ignoring Silas. He was used to inappropriate growls thanks to his Griffin.

Greche carried on licking his list but then chirped to James, a signal call asking if he needed help.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Ugh, I cant stand you already. Why the hell did you have to follow me? I wasn't doing anything wrong." She shouted back to him, but complied with his requests and stopped on the current branch she was on. Silas jumped up to join her, her current seating area swaying slightly but managing to stay in its position as the panther leaned up against Lita for moral support.
"What in christ's name do you suggest we do then? And for your information I do not squirm."

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''Well by squirming away, that wouldn't have helped now would it?'' he frowned, staying where he was. This time only two branches below. ''And for the record I can't really stand you either but until you find away to get us out of this mess-'' he wriggled his wrist in the air, showing that the chain was the mess, ''-you're going to have to follow me to the ground'' he asked.

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((It really reminds me of this music video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We5g6e... ))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((That music video is like spot on C:))

Lita let out another growl of fustration before beginning to climb down, slim frame easily scaling down the tree until she had passed him and was now the one two branches below him.
"Well hurry up then." She said irritably, yanking on the chain slightly.

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James stumbled a bit but then followed the girl down the tree after the girl ''Remember.. I'm a guy, so I could overpower you pretty quickly'' he snapped. Not wanting her to test his temper right now.

Greche flew over head and decided to track them through flight and whenever they stopped, he would land on a branch.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Oh your one of them guys huh? Well I asure you I can handle myself better than you think so don't test me." Lita said the last part through gritted teeth, placing her feet firmly on the forest ground and without a second thought beginning to walk, yanking him along with her.

Silas was already by her side, brushing against her leg lightly.

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James jumped to the ground and yanked the chain back, quite hard, causing her to hault. ''Excuse me? 'One of them guys'?!'' he demanded, narrowing his eyes at her and gritting his teeth as he quoted 'one of them guys'.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Oh you know the ones that think its ok to throw a woman around." She whipped round to face him before marching back, pressing her index finger into his chest.
"Well I can tell you now. I wont be hit, or kicked or anything else of the sort. So don't even think about it." The anger was clear in Lita's tone of voice.

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James stumbled back onto the floor ''Look, I-I didn't mean that! You just sounded like you wanted to fight so I was standing my ground that's all! Jheeze..'' he gulped, standing back up and brushing off the leaves and dirt that accumulated onto his clothing.

Greche hissed down below at Lita, as the poke affected his chest too.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Thats what I thought." Lita said, already beginning to drag him back through the forest again. She was clearly not impressed, her arm out behind her since he was trailing along like a puppy on a leash, and she was the owner. Her jaw had set beneath her hood as she marched through the undergrowth before coming to the road. She proceeded to turn in the direction of her house and continued on.

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