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Gabby | 1339 comments Mod

1) Be respectful of everyone's ideas. Everyone has a chance to contribute to the role-plays.
2)No swearing. I know we all have bad days and whatnot, but we need to tone it down. (Note, light swearing is okay, as long as it's used in the right context. Definitely not towards other members.)
3) No starting new topics without the Moderators' permission. (Shoot us a personal message. We're not going to bite :) Unrelated topics will be deleted.
4) Participate! We all join groups and we are expected to participate.
5) Please keep random comments in the 'Random Chat' Folder. Unless marked with a (( and )) at each end. They also must be relevant to the topic.
6) Have fun!

7) No controlling other peoples' characters without their permission.
8) No starting new role-plays without the Moderators' permission. (If you have an idea, send us a message.)
9) You can only have 3 live characters in each role-play. It just keeps everything under control and fair.
10) No sex scenes, remember- we have minors!
Note: If a character needs to do this for any reason, imply it, don't write it!
11) Make you character in the correct Character folder before Role-Playing with them.

Sound off in the comments with any questions.

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Gabby | 1339 comments Mod
*Note: If any images are used in the group (Weekly Polls, Character Profiles etc.) and you own them; message one of the moderators and we can remove them. If you don't get an answer in a week; contact the other mod.*


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